half marathon training advice


Last week I started off feeling really low with a bit of a virus. I didn't get as much mileage in as I would have liked. I tried to make up for it later in the week when I felt better and failed to think how this might effect my long run of today. I had planned to do 12 miles (HM is in two weeks) but having done 7miles at 7pm yesterday, I only managed another 7 today. Technically this is quite good as I've done 14 miles in the last 14 hours. On the other hand, I'm not really getting the benefit of going for longer am I? I probably could have gone longer today if it weren't for a sore foot. I get a pinching, cramping sensation under the arch. I've tried exercises, taping and stability shoes but sometimes theres no getting rid of it. Other times its fine. My question is, if I want to get a run of 12 miles in soon, would it be a good idea to do it in the week? Or should I let it go and maybe do one at the weekend? Its my first HM, I've gone up to 11 miles two weeks ago, 10 miles last week.



  • I really believe that you should never try to play catchup. 

    If you miss a run so be it.. Just get healthy and if out for less than around 10-12 days then just carry on with the plan. 

  • Thanks. What about if rather than adding more miles to my usual weekly set, I  combine maybe two of them into a longer one, just to get a longer duration run in?

  • As long as you don't run it to quickly image  and probably can have a very short 5k recovery run on the other planned day, then I guess hardly over plan image 

  • image It doesn't seem a bad idea.

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