i stopped smoking and started running

Hi everyone,

Im truly a newbie to this running lark. Im short and about 2 stone overweight, with a reasonable level of fitness although it can be improved. 4 weeks ago I quit smoking and started jogging, (I said I would do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks this year in a bid for training for the National 3 Peaks next year and then I looked at how far it is and thought "You bloody fool, you'll never be fit enough to 25 miles in 6 months!)  First at the gym. I could barely do 1 minute without it feeling like time had slowed down, then a walk then another minute but I persevered for 15 minutes. (I'd been doing brisk uphill walks on the treadmill for ages but was getting bored with the slow progress). I slowly increased this to 2 minutes, then a walk, then another 2 minutes. I finally built up to running half a km without stopping for a week, then a whole km without stopping. Last week I even did 2 whole km on the treadmill without stopping (it took me 20 minutes) but the sense of achievement was great. (I didnt even manage the 1 mile cross country course when I was at school).

I seem to have plateaued in my weight loss but people have said I look smaller and Im finally back into a size 14 jeans so I know I've lost weight and toned up. I'm not snacking on as much rubbish food and using the MyFitnessPal app to keep a track of food and exercise. What savoury. low fat, low carb snacks are there? I find fruit and raw veggies are too sweet for when Im in a savoury snack mood.

I have also started going for a jog outside on a flat path and Im finding that I can barely get 400 metres of a jog before I have to stop, when Im outside (hence the nickname!) when I was getting a further distance and a slight increase in speed on the treadmill. I find I can plug in my mp3 player and stare at a spot on the bricks in front of me or out the window at some unmoving spot and switch off, while outside I just cant concentrate enough to get past the 400m mark without wanting to stop. I'm going to sign up for the C25K course to try and get past the 400m mark and have some support from others in a similar situation. How else can I motivate myself to keep running to get past the 400m mark when Im outside?



  • Well done for starting.

    you are doing perfect image seriously very slow 400m jog is fine then walk a bit and jog a bit further that is pretty much c25k in a nutshell.

    go out three days a week image and just keep going. Try to get some good walks in as well on non running days, won't do you any harm at all image

  • C25K is perfect to start with image

    Dont do too much too soon. Don't go too fast for your fitness abilities and do not.....do not over do it.

    rest when your tired/aching, light stretching on days off do help (light!!) 

    hope this helps image

  • Thanks Booktrunk,

    Im finding it a bit frustrating and I think it maybe I can pace myself better on the treadmill for a longer jog. Im going out at least 3 days a week for my slow jog and a couple of trips to the gym for weights as well as some other cardio. Eeek, I cant believe Im signing up for the c25k course. image I just wish it was starting earlier than april.



  • The other alternative is run/walking . So when you feel you need to stop, stop but be disciplined about it. Walk for just one minute and then start again. As you get fitter you will be able to eliminate the walking bits.

  • Nooooo,

    The c25k course is full!



  • You can download the C25K and work on it at any time, obviously a group gives better motivation but your own plan gives you more options

    Well done and stick with it  ... rest days are important !

  • Oh yes, rest days are important!

    I think I need someone chasing me with a stick, just to get that extra 50 metres.

    Where can I download the c25k course?

  • Here you go....



    if you have a smart phone there are hundreds of apps out there. 

  • I found one and it doesnt need to be connected to the 3g network to actually use!

    Ive tried to use the Nike+ app but I cant figure the thing out. The website is pretty useless in helping me figure out the basics for the app too so I gave up on it.

    Roll on Tuesday for my first day of the c25k app training.


  • Good luck image the nhs ones, are podcasts, do you don't need any app at all, you literally run for x seconds then walk, as per the nice person in your ear telling you what to do. 

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    obviously a group gives better motivation 

    Only if you turn up! image

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭

    Running 25 miles in 6 months doesn't sound that challenging to me image

  • Hi Frustrated

    I was similar to you.  I started running on a treadmill back in November, managed to run up to 30 minutes, went out for my first run over Christmas and could barely run for more than a couple of minutes.  I don't think I factored in how the elements, hills and pacing affect how you run outside.  As others have said, I used the C25K apps and I'm fortunate that my local running club started a sofa to 5k group in the New Year.  The apps / online schedules are a very good alternative.  The run/walk method is great and stops you from getting too despondent.  Good luck and hope you get 'up and running' soon.


  • Are you running too fast outside?

  • I think I could be, but I'm ridiculously slow anyway. image
  • Yesterday, on my run/walk outside & this evening on the treadmill, my shins have been hurting. My right hip was aching all day but it settled as I started my run today. It used to randomly dislocate partly occasionally (usually walking casually in the supermarket) & exercise of the joint makes it less likely to. It's a horrible, stomach churning grinding feeling when it's dislocated. I'm more concerned about my shins. This is new and I'm wondering if I'm overdoing the running. I haven't got a rest day now til Wednesday but only a shorter run tomorrow as I'm starting the c25k app on my phone outside to see if that improvesy times & distance.
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