Garmin Connect Lap time Issue

Has anyone had a similar issue?

On uploading data to Garmin Connect from my 410, the 'Time' which should be the time excluding where I paused the watch (gel breaks traffic etc) is now instead displayed as the 'elapsed time' which the start to end time of total activity. Therefore my average lap time is incorrect in Garmin Connect (fine on watch). Problem only started last week having not been an issue previously.



  • I have a problem... apparently the same.... that I've never noticed before (note that I have a different watch... a 205).

    Just one clarification from your description... I always get 2 times on Garmin being elapsed time and one being moving time.  Note that elapsed time rather than moving has always (I think) been used to calculate the overall headline figures for average pace.... though I'm only 95% sure.  I have just randomly picked a few runs, and each was the same... with avg pace calculated from overall elapsed time (although I appreciate that it's possible that if a coding error has been introduced, it may be affecting all previous run data in my records....  but I just seem to remember that that is how it's always been done)

    I presume that, normally, the difference between elapsed time and moving time, is generated automatically...  by identifying where I stop (e.g. to cross a road or something).  It is usually just a small difference... but then not many of my runs involve me pressing the pause button manually.

    BUT, here's the problem. Tonight, I had some jobs to do around town... but decided to incorporate a short recovery run.   I manually stopped the watch as I entered each of 3 shops... and correctly restarted as I came out. I was out of the house for nearly an hour

    When I just uploaded the run to Garmin Connect, the activity summary shows I ran for 34:11 (the same as it shows on my watch).  But when I click on the "view details" link next to it, it shows all the detail... but this figure of 34.11 doesn't appear anywhere. The key figures are Elapsed time 59:29...  Moving time 58:13...  distance 3.33 miles at an average of 17:52.

    By viewing the graph, with the X-axis changed to 'time', rather than distance, and examining the figures, it is clear that the time when the watch was stopped, when I was in each of the 3 shops, is included in the calculations.  On the graphs, it appears that in each of the shops, I maintained a perfectly steady(nonsense) pace throughout.

    I don't often stop my watch during a run, so would have to wade through a lot of old files to check if this is a new issue or not... but I really do believe it to be a new issue.  I'm sure I'd have noticed this before... and it does seem to match your evidence.

    Bottom line... I agree there's a problem.

  • For me stopping the watch is almost cheating. If I stop in a race then the chip time is still time elapsed so do not see why I should stop the watch on a training run. If I am not running then I am having a benefit from resting so to me the splits without rests would be false anyway.

    Trying not to sound to stupid on this as it has taken a lot of debate with myself to come to this rule. The only two exceptions I make are laces (which are rare and drive me nuts having to stop). and unexpected problems like floods, water logging etc. For everything else then the watch keeps ticking.

    Sometimes if I am slowed, I will press the lap button and then press again after so that whatever problem I have had shows as a short / slow lap.

    I should clarify that I do live in the country so hardly ever have to stop for traffic. Living somewhere like London would drive me crazy with crossings and such.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    You're lucky to have such a toy to play with.

    Bearing in mind that they (Garmin) spent £92,000,000 last year on R & D (loss or investment) I'm sure they'll take all the complaints on board.

  • MarkGregs I have the same problem only started this week. Other issues are different like splits show on dashboard but not when you go to more detail????

    There was a message saying they are going to have a makeover so maybe it's connected?

    Very annoying though.

  • Drizzly Bear wrote (see)

    For me stopping the watch is almost cheating. If I stop in a race then the chip time is still time elapsed so do not see why I should stop the watch on a training run. If I am not running then I am having a benefit from resting so to me the splits without rests would be false anyway.

    Trying not to sound to stupid on this as it has taken a lot of debate with myself to come to this rule. The only two exceptions I make are laces (which are rare and drive me nuts having to stop). and unexpected problems like floods, water logging etc. For everything else then the watch keeps ticking..

    When you're out on a run, you've plenty of time to have these arguments with yourself!

    But hey..  I spent 5-10  minutes in each of 3 shops, all preplanned.  And you say it's almost cheating because I stop my watch?  And yet you allow yourself the luxury of stopping your watch when you've failed to tie your own shoe-laces properly image

    I think you need to get back onto a long run and have another debate with yourselfimage

    Seriously though... on a training run, I generally don't stop the watch for a got 'normal' training run events (certainly wouldn't stop it whilst negotiating round floods or tying my shoelace!).  But it's a serious failing on the Garmin site... and one that's only just been introduced.... surely by accident rather than by design.  [the elapsed time really should be the time where the watch is running... or it's meaningless.  In my run, I spent 20+ minutes in shops... and although you can argue that my my average pace was for the hour that I was out was 17 minutes per mile, it's not the figure that most people would want to see on the main headline page.

    I tried to give some feedback to Garmin via their website, but it wa impenetrable!


  • Same problem here, had my 410 on when on the bike last night and running this morning, on the watch it displays moving time but on the website only time elapsed is showing. Glad you guys are talking about it; I wondered why my ride home last night had taken 10 minutes longer than ever before!!

    I'll have autostop turned on when running on busy roads in winter - I live and work in East London so its not easy to judge pace with all the stops for traffic lights on run commutes. Will of course turn it off for weekend LSRs in the parks / canals and in the summer where there are more safer traffic free routes home though.


  • *double post

  • yep, the issue started when they changed their website ... hope they fix it coz it's bloody annoying image (I have a 410 as well)

    I reckon it's a temporary glitch. I remember a time last year when "best pace" showed some ridiculous random number for each lap ...  took them a few weeks but they finally fixed it

  • I have the same problem...I've complained to Garmin but I get nowhere...they think there is something wrong with my device but all the values are correct on the device. It's only after upload to the website they are all displayed wrongly.  I noticed the error first in early January 2014, after 3 years of using autopause for cycle rides with no problem.  I time myself to and from work and keep PBs.  The autopause was a good way of correcting for occasions when I have to wait for traffic at junctions.  I thought I was going mad!  The time after deduction of autopause is not showing after upload to Garmin Connect, though it is given on the watch itself.  Split times no longer add up to the "summary" time below(as they always used to do), but the Elapsed Time is given in error.  So the times and paces for individual laps is correct but the total journey time is given erroneously as elapsed time. This puts the overall journey time too long and the speed too slow.  It's so annoying.  The activity summary is now useless as a reference and real journey time nowhere to be seen.  If I do not use autopause the times are shown correctly, but the autopause function was so useful for me.  Now it's useless!!!  The moving time has never been reliable so is no substitute for the autopause corrected time.  I have cycled or run races without stopping, but it still shows the moving time less than total.

  • Just to add that even on normal setting as opposed to Autopause mode, the actual journey time is still not shown correctly.   I went for a 1.96K walk today and the time is given as 26:08 on the Garmin.  Once uploaded it states 26:08 just after upload before you click on "View Details".  Once on the activity screen the headline time has changed to 27:49 for some inexplicable reason and gives this as the elapsed time too.  This time has come from nowhere.  The moving time is shown as 25:29. Completely bizarre!

  • Oh, I see what happened...I did stop and then restart the Garmin for a short while half way through the walk.  So the time, as usual, is shown in error as the elapsed time.  Sure hope they sort this out on the new website.

  • Hi, I have the same problem when uploading data from my 410 - not taking into account when watch paused when waiting at road crossings.

    The following link suggests that there is a problem with the time calculation and that Garmin are looking into it:


  • Yep - just noticed this today - haven't uploaded for while, and I have a 405, not a 410, so I guess this is a problem with the site.

    To the chap who said stopping your watch is cheating - presumably you have never used your Garmin when doing a session? I am not that interested in knowing how long my drills have taken, and I certainly don't want the 30 minutes of drilling to mean my weekly average pace is 20 minute miling!!! image

  • Thank you ian williams for the link, I will wait...  

    In my case, all time datas are wrong. I had to export my data to Excel to convice me that I was still able to calculate my pace image

    Quite annoying for a professional accountant!

  • Just stumbled across this thread and I've been having similar issues. I have my 305 set to autopause when I stop. For my long runs on a Sunday I run to the club and then wait around for the other members to arrive. This time has previously not been included in my splits. However I have a split of 12.01 and a moving time of 20.58. On Fetch this is shown as 12.01 and the overall pause time is shown below the splits.

    Thinking there was something wrong with the watch last Sunday I stopped the watch when I arrived at the club and restarted it when we started running again. This time, on Garmin Connect, I have a 10.26 split and a moving time of 24.55 even though the timer was stopped! Again, on Fetch this is shown as 10.26.

    I've checked Garmin Training Center which I have installed and the splits are correct there. It's very frustrating not being able to see the correct splits on the device's native website!

  • Had no issue with lap time, but one with PBs. Did parkrun on Saturday, was using it as a bit of speed work. Started off nice and easy, then ran the last mile at my 5k race pace (4:09 min/km). All showed up fine in the activity, but my dashboard reckons I set new PBs for 1km (3:08) and 1 mile (5:55). Bananas.
  • I'm relieved to hear that others are having the same problems as me. My watch displays the correct times, but when uploaded to Garmin Connect the time taken is way out! I'm pretty certain I'm not running a km in two and a half minutes! the lap splits are showing correctly. It's really frustrating as I do like to compare similar activities. Grr. 

  • After reading your posts in here and posts elsewhere, it became apparent that I am not the only one with issues with Garmin.

    Problems with the device (305) and with Garmin upload continue.

    Device takes ages to connect with GPS. I have to switch it on and leave it outdoors for over an hour sometimes for it to connect with GPS.

    Garmin Site  doesn't work properly and the upload doesn't take place and if it took place there is always a discrepancy between the data recorded on the device and the data appearing after the upload. 

    Customer Service is an absolute disaster over the phone and after over an hour trying to repeat myself and the problem, the very unhelpful lady was adamant that the device is not faulty(not sure how she figured that out over the phone) and the problem is with the site. Finally she has conceded that I should send the device for service. Reading on other forums, similar problems with Garmin site date back to 2011.

    3 weeks later, I receive an email indicating that the device was sent back and no error has been found.

    2 weeks waiting time (after the additional 3 weeks when the device was with Garmin) and no device has arrived.

    I rang them and the same unhelpful person who answered my first and second call indicated that she cannot find the device but she'll get back to me once she finds it.

    No contact has been made but 4 days later the device was posted via recorded courier and arrived within 24 hrs however with the same exact problems.

    I hasten to add that this is a replacement device as the first device died on me within a few months after purchasing it from a reputed London store, it was sent back to Garmin as per their advice and I have instead received this faulty device.

    Looks like Garmin are having serious issues and they are unable to cope and/or troubleshoot the numerous problems that have been reported by the users.

    In my experience, using Garmin has been a waste of time, money, and an added frustration from Garmin support.

    I will avoid Garmin and currently Iam looking for an effective and reliable device as well as download and service.

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