Running Shoe Dilemma


I was training for the GNR last year and wore a pair of Adidas trainers not sure which ones and after only about 300 miles max they started hurting my toes so I figured that I needed new trainers and thats when my problems started.  I have an overpronation more on my right then left foot and so I bought a pair of Brooks Ariels.  A few weeks ago on my 1st run outside which was 5 miles my forefoot felt like it was on fire and so have been trying to wear them in a bit, they still feel too firm.  I have tried wearing them every day and for a couple of weeks and did a 3 mile run last week and they dont feel like they would be comfy enough for a long run.

Next I have a new pair of Saucony Hurricanes which I am just wearing day to day now to see how they go.  I plan to test them at the Gym tonight and do a 4 mile club run tomorrow and 3 mile run Friday in these and see how they feel.

Next I have a pair of Nike Pegasus which I thought were really comfortable but my Physio said that the shop missold me these and they are not for an overpronate.  This is backed up by the fact that on my last two long runs my feet have got sore, after my LSR on sunday I have a blister on my big toe.

So the dilemma is, I have a long run on Sunday to do which is 14 miles as I am in training for the Paris marathon.  Which ones do I wear?

I seem to have a real problem finding the right trainers, does anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions?


  • Hi Lesley,

    You've really been struggling..  is that 3 new pairs of shoes in the last few weeks?  The Brooks, the Saucony and the Nikes?   That sounds expensive! 

    Some questions:-

    How was your overpronation diagnosed (and who did it)?  Video gait analysis? Footbalance? Visual gait analysis?  Wet paper?

    How have each of your pairs of shoes been selected? You've said elsewhere that the Nikes came from Sports Direct but have you bought any from a PROPER running shop -  Not sports direct... and not one where they don't REALLY know what they're talking about.. 

    Is there any way you can find the specification of those Adidas trainers you had?  Going back to those is probably the first step.  But if you've not been to a proper shop like Runners Need, Up & Running, Sweatshop  or other independent Running Shop...  that is also another first port of call.

    I'm sure it's frustrating. Good luck with it.  But IF you're throwing money at this in random fashion.. then stop. 

  • Hi Nose Nowt

    Yes I have been struggling and have been "forced" to buy new trainers quickly in order to get ready for the Marathon. Luckily I got one of the pairs for xmas, but I have been trying to get this issue sorted since the end of November.  I think that the Brooks ones maybe be fine once they are worn in but now is not really the time to risk worsening my injury doing just that. 

    I have been to Up and Running in Huddersfield three years ago and had Video Gait analysis done and thats where my overpronation was detected.  This has also been backed up by my physio who looked at my old Adidas trainers and saw the roll pattern particularly on my right foot inwards.  I did get some trainers from there at the time but still had to change them a couple of times to get any that were comfortable.

    Lets hope that these Saucony trainers are ok that I am testing out this week or I dont know what the hell I am going to do.  The marathon is in 6 weeks and I cant find anything to do the long mileage in and am sick of spending money trying to sort it.  I have bought two of the best pairs on the market supposedly for overpronation and am still not getting anywhere.

    Is a podiatrist the next step, or is that throwing more money away???

    If anyone has had the same issues and managed to solve them I would be interested to hear from you.




  • I'm only an interested amateur.  ... but in my opinion, you've bought 3 pairs of shoes "off the shelf" in a few weeks... and not been to a professional running shop for 3 years.

    Time is short now. But I'd really recommend going for a chat with a proper running shop first.  If you ask around for one with a good reputation, I would hope that they'll do their best for you, rather than trying to flog you another expensive pair only for the sake of their bottom line.  There are no guarantees buying from a 'professional shop' but IMO, it increases your chances of injury avoidance and finding the right shoes.  

    By shopping online or in sports warehouses, you might save twenty quid... but IMO, you've a greater risk of not getting it right first time - which can end up costing a fortune in cash and injuries.

    So... I'd say.... Good running Shop first (not every one will be good)... at a quiet time. Armed with all your info.  Be open-minded to the fact that your injury might have little or nothing to do with your shoes. And if not satisfied, then seek podiatrist help.  Really wish you luck.

    PS... if you're in Liversedge, then is the Complete Runner in Ilkley within reach of you.  Always had a good reputation.

  • By this time last year I was already wearing the pair of shoes I used for Paris....
  • Dave - That was my plan too, I have been trying trainers for the last two/three months. 

    The new Saucony pair felt good on my first test run yesterday so lets hope that they are the right ones for me now.

  • Lesley I'll second what Nose Nowt says. Get to complete runner but take your original Adidas if you still have them. They will be able to see what you need by checking the wear on your trainers and watching you walk around the shop. I dont know anywhere "oop Norf" that gives better advice.

    p.s no I dont work there.


    Good luck 

  • Hi

    Thanks to everyone for your advice, I am now sorted.  My Saucony pair were ok on the two smaller runs that I did so I decided to test them out on the long run at the weekend and they were fine after 15 miles.  I will stick to these from now on and hopefully wont have the same problem again.

    I also have a pair of Brooks Ariel trainers that I think will be ok for runs once I have worn them in a bit more, they still feel a bit firm.

    Thanks anyway, dilemma sortedimage

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