Bah humbug and ho bl@@dy ho

Have a good one folks


  • Merry Christmas...
  • Easy Murf,


    Merry Christmas


    A happy New Year
  • merry christmas folks
  • Back to normal a bit today. Just can't cope with all the food anymore. Used to be able to eat heaps, but no longer. Haven't drunk much either, which is rather nice.
  • Merry Christmas everybody!!

    Don't let the Bells End..

    I've been away from the forum for a while cos I've been travelling the country with hubby visiting relatives. Started in Kent, then up to Halifax, the up to Newcastle, then over and down to North Shropshire (which is wher I am now) then back down to Kent on Sunday to go back to work on Monday....

    Hurrah. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

    and a Happy New Year.
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