Went to the sports injury clinic today to find out that I have tendonitis in my right shin.

"Rest it for two weeks" I have been told.

I'm not sure that I'm going to manage that, I haven't had more than a day without running for months! what can I do?

I hate injuries :o(


  • Two weeks - "you were lucky" !

    About 18 months ago I was given similar advice which, like an ijiot, I ignored. Result was 'chronic tendonitis' and some juicy scar tissue problems (achiles + knee - but not 'shins' (?) - jealous !).

    Only recently sorted by an excellent physio. However, a recent scan has shown the tissue is still damaged, even though it feels fine + I'm running again (getting ready for the next injury etc)

    I'd go with the advise + do something else for a couple of weeks (cross-train, watch TV, eat pies ??)
  • ouch, sounds like you've had it nasty! i think that i'll take up the cross training ideas, starting this afternoon i'm going to watch some TV and then this evening I shall hobble down to the pub to do some bicep curls!

    Can't wait to get back running though.
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