New Shoes causing Discomfort

i have just got a new pair of running shoes after doing all the gait analysis at sweatshop. I got the Nike Lunarglide 5s.

Just done my first run in them and after only 2.5km I had to stop as they were causing a lot of discomfort down the outsides of my feet. Is this normal with new shoes? Do I just need to break them in?


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I had the same with the Lunar Racer myself.

    It was caused by the material of the uppers being so soft and flimsy that it allowed my feet to spread out either side of the more supportive parts of the shoe, creating pressure spots.

    Unfortunately I only had this when buying my 2nd and 3rd pair together. The first of those went into the bin.

    The second I gave away.

  • so its not a normal thing when buying a new pair of shoes then?

  • I bought a pair of Brooks Vapor 10's and for the first few runs my feet would ache and just generally not feel the best.  image

    It was literally for the first few runs then after that they were perfect. Im still using them now 260mile later (bought in November) and ive not had any problems at all.  image

  • I'd agree that a pair of shoes can take a few runs to settle in.  Hence always go for a couple of short runs to start with.

    So I'd give them a fair chance... but of course, they genuinely might not be right for you. (Ric's detailed case study will make you think - although presumably that will only be relevant for a minority of people).  

    As you went to that proper running shop, you do have comeback... and haven't wasted your money.  So many people think they're saving a few quid by shopping in a warehouse, or online. And sometimes it works. But when it doesn't....

    Bottom line is..  I wouldn't give up on them. Perhaps phone Sweatshop to discuss. But definitely avoid long runs until you have more confidence, as you don't want to create an injury if they're not right.

  • Hi Reece

    I have just bought two pairs of Lunarglide 5 after being pleasantly surprised by the version 4. Cosmetically there are some differences. I have run twice with them and they seem fine.

    Since you are asking a very basic question it is likely you are new to running. Either your feet are too broad for Nike or as Nick Windsor 4 says "have you got the correct size?" I believe a rule of thumb is you should be able to put two fingers down behind your foot while it is in the shoe. Your foot will expand while you are running and needs room to spread but surely Sweatshop would take that into account? If you are new to running then your feet may still be too tender and may need some time to adapt to the force of impact.



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