Hadrians Wall Run - what is the best shoe...

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Just looking to get some advice on preferred footwear for the Hadrian's Wall run. Would you go with road or trial, and if trial what have you found that works for you?

I was looking at the NB Leadvilles but it sound like they are not great if you also want to use them for short trial runs as they are designed to be a bit looser.




  • the general feeling on the facebook page which is full of people who ran it last year is that road shoes are a must - very little off road/trail.

  • Brill thanks. I will check it out. Sounds like road shoes then.

  • As above 

    look for The "Rat Race - the Wall" on Facebook for the group. 

  • I did it last year in road shoes  and they were perfect.  

  • I used the Brooks Adrenaline myself.  The most important thing is to have a proven and trusted shoe.  Trying to find a shoe better suited to the conditions, is secondary. 

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