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Bit of a random request for running forum I guess but here goes.....I'm an injured runner (currently struggling with ITB syndrome in one leg and runners knee in the other) and thus can't actually run at the moment. If it was summer I'd cycle to keep my fitness up but as it's winter I can only cycle at the weekends as it's too dark before and after work to cycle on the unlit narrow country roads where we live. Thus I was thinking about getting a turbo trainer for my bike to use indoors and wondered if anyone out there had ever had one and could recommend one that's effective, good quality, not too expensive and not too noisy?!

Thanks in hope image


  • Some mentions on here :

    If you are using a turbo - then I think you need some kind of session plan. Just sitting on it and pedalling isn't much use and probably won't see you wanting to get back on it.
  • I've got a TT for winter bike workouts.  Noise can be an issue for a lot of models, particularly ones that use air resistance.  Fluid resistance is better but more expensive - a Cycleops Fluid 2 is around £200.  This guide has some pointers about the different types of TTs.

    The Sufferfest videos are great and I'll emerge from a thrashing in the garage looking like I've been cycling in the shower.  Add in TrainerRoad (10 USD per month) if you like stat's and to keep track of your workouts.

  • I've used a Tacx Sirius for about 5 years (and am about to use it again in 30 minutes). I'm happy enough with it. But how happy can you be with a piece of medieval torture equipment?

    I've never ridden on any others so can't really compare it, but it seems quiet and has a good range of resistance. It's also lasted well as it's been well used.

    I normally use it with a dvd player set up on a shelf in front of it and watch films. I got through my first winter watching the entire boxed set of The Sopranos.  

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