Halstead Marathon

 anything else, just to ask is anyone else doing it?


  • I'm doing it, but i'll probably come last.

  • I'm doing it. I got a free place image

  • Glad I'm not alone then, although there may be a race for last place!  

    Looking at your picture Ja5onW I suspect you maybe closer to the front. 

  • Yep, I'm in. It will only be my second marathon and I've set myself a tough target. The training is going well, specially now it's stopped raining!

  • The rain hasn't helped - I live on the coast and the wind coming in off the sea has been fairly unpleasant too!!

  • image

    No I'm not looking for glory Grendel. Sub 3:30 is my goal. Especially on that course. 

    This is my second attempt as I DNS last year from medical advice. only my third marathon So anything can happen image.

    training wise,it's going good got a 1:30 half 2 weeks ago so may change the target somewhat on the day.

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