running bags/belts?

I run without taking any water etc when training, even when doing half marathon distances. I know some people say this isn't good and now I want to train for a full marathon so would like advice on how to carry water/gels etc when I run. I have tried a bum bag but really struggled with it as it just rode up my waist and bounced around loads. Any suggestions? ideally nothing too big cos im not use to having to carry weight.




  • Check out iFitness belts.


    The one I have has two small bottles, and a pocket big enough to take loads of bits like gels, keys, phone etc. Very secure, and you barely notice it when you're mid-run.


    Wearable round the front or round the back.

  • I'm a rucksack fan.  Not just any ol' rucksack mind.  The run specific ones are great.  They don't move/ chafe and are adjustable so your arms don't get in the way.  For your training, I would get one with a bladder, so you can drink without having to stop or muck about with bottles- they can hold as much as 4-6 bottles.  Also, a small storage capacity is worth considering, so you can hold an extra layer.  Where the straps wrap around you, some have small storage netting, for gels, fruit, etc.

    Spend time trying them out.  A good one will not move or obstruct you when you run.  Aim for one that's as small as possible, whilst being big ENOUGH.

  • rodeofliprodeoflip ✭✭✭

    This may sound anally-retentive, but I carry gels on a waist belt for longer runs, and keep them secure by doubling them over and putting a little bit of duct tape around the end, then threading the belt through them. This means that they can't come off accidentally, but they're easy to get hold of while running. Another tip is to fold the end of the duct tape over on itself so that you have a "tab" to grab hold of to undo the tape. Takes a few seconds to prepare in advance, but I've never lost a gel (and don't expect to), and can easily get to them while running.

    If you want to carry water, then a waist belt with a bottle carrier at the back works well - keeps it out the way, and after a while, you don't really notice that it's there.  I have a "Nathan" one which works well, and takes an insulated Camelbak 600ml bottle perfectly. It also has a pocket for jelly babies image

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    High5 and sis do their own belts that can carry half a dozen of their own gels I have a high 5 one which also has a small bag big enough for my car key and my iPhone image under £10

  • +1 vote for a small running backpack. I started with a 5 litre pack with a 1 litre bladder and mesh side pockets for gels or whatever. Took me through marathon and 50K training and races, but I moved up to a larger pack for 50-milers.

    Advantage of a pack is that you can easily carry e.g. a lightweight jacket, small tin of vaseline, small first aid pack etc. as well as the water and your choice of food. If it fits well it should be very stable and not feel heavy.

    Try them on, with some weight in (e.g. a couple of bottles of energy drink), in the shop and if possible running on a treadmill in the shop, to see if you like the fit.

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    I find that my cheap running bumbag is much more comfortable i.e. less bounce when worn on the hip rather than around the back.

    Failing that I have a Decathlon '8 litre Long Trail' backpack (it's their own brand one) which includes a bladder and is pretty good. It got a good write up last year in Trail Runner.

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