Knebworth 9.2k

Was it just me ? or did anyone else find the course incredibly short ?

I made it 9.2k !.....a staggering 800m light of the stated distance.....800m !! image

To be honest I find it really disappointing when events come up short...I'd much rather they went to 10.1, 10.2......and it's not like there is a shortage of space in Knebworth.

Maybe it wasn't marshalled properly, but I made a conscious effort to stick to the outer perimeters of the yellow flagged markings.

Thoroughly disappointed.

When these courses are mapped I wonder if they test it first with GPS ?







  • GPS being out by 8% is unlikely. This was local to me and glad I chose to run elsewhere as that short is just a waste of time

  • I use a Garmin 610.

    No loss of reception and good satellite fix.

    I have been using the Garmin 2 years now  3-4 times a week and it's always accurate to within about 9-13 metres compared with the other runners in my group that use GPS.

    That's why I thought I'd ask if anyone else came up short ?

    Agree with you 2wheels...complete waste of time.....I wish now I'd just done usual training, as I lost some running days "tapering down" for what I thought would be a great event....but coming up that short in a massive estate like Knebworth...there is simply no excuse...most runners I know would rather the course was a tiny bit over than under.....but half a mile short.......ridiculous


  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    I just had a quick check on Garmin Connect and there look to be 5 results that came back.  In miles, they came back as 6.66, 5.62, 6.22, 7.01 and 5.61 so quite a bit of a spread.  Interestingly, the average of these is 6.224 which is close to 10K (6.21), presuming people didn't tag on a warmup or cool down.

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