Broken femur


I have had a sport accident a year and a half ago where I broke both my knees and my femur among other bones. Now I want to try and come back to running. 

I am looking for tips/advice on the best way to start running again? 

the problem I have is my ex broken femur and knee is painful on impact so when jumping on it. Is there any one with similar story?



  • Not sure if I can help but I broke the neck of my femur in 1995 and still have a plate in. For many months even years it would hurt when standing on one leg eg when putting on socks in the morning image At that time I was a keen cyclist and continued with that. In 2004 the position was still the same and I thought that any healing would have finished. But I decided to train for a marathon and have since done quite a few and am now exclusively a runner. Somewhere along the line the pain has disappeared, culminating in a BQ and run at Boston last year.

    I can't say that running caused the disappearance of pain but one way or another there is a way through. Let me know if there is something in particular I can try to comment on.

  • Thanks for your comments. 

    Was is painful to start running? Did you do any special training e.g jumping, pushing weights or just started running?

    Good to know there is hope. 

  • No, it was only painful if I stumbled and landed heavily with a lot of weight on one foot. I was able to run fine without affecting my gait. So I didn't do any special training to start running, other than to give up cycle-commuting so that I could be sure of completing the daily schedule for my first marathon. I guess the non-impact cycling probably helped the long-term healing.

    I can only speculate but I would say that cycling and moderate impact from endurance running (not sprinting) will probably be good for further strengthening and healing, but not if the pain is sufficient to alter your gait or gets progressively worse.

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