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Hi,   I have been umming and ahhing over whether to post this or not, but I am hoping 'it's not just me'!   When I run or cycle I sweat by the bucket load in my lower region.  I find it very very embarrassing and can only wear black leggings or capri's.  And while these have technical wicking properties I still get soaked.   To make matters worse I seem to be getting thrush all the time (I've been checked at my GP for various things) but my DR just says that this is how some people are and to just use pantyliners - this does not help me! (P.s. I shower immediately after my run or bike ride and use a talc also).   So, Please please can anyone recommend some good technical wicking ladies underwear, please, please please?   Thanks, D.x


  • Try decathlon. They do some really good one for us chaps, so same should go for you ladies.
  • Honestly, my life got sooo much simpler when I stopped wearing knickers under lycra.  I woud never have believed it before trying it.  Give it a whirl?

  • Also, check the talc is actually mineral talc.  Some are basically cornstarch and may be, ummm, feeding the thrush.  (And get a new doctor, because yours is a numpty.)


    Agree with Peronel that commando is the way to go (also that your doctor is a bit of a twit).

    Also I wouldn't necessarily equate sweaty bits with thrush. You can sweat quite a a lot in that area without it causing any problems.

    Personally I'd stick to unperfumed shower gel and wouldn't use talc at all. 

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    Flob wrote (see)
    Talc? Really? That sounds horrid!! Yuk and probably more likely to cause a thrush attack...

    You speaking from experience eh image

  • Sorry to not get back here sooner, but I wanted to say thank you to you all image.  

    The thought of 'going commando' fills me with dread, but it is definitely worth a go!  Also found some great items on decathelon.

    I think I will go back to my GP though.

    Thanks everyone.





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