Vomiting post race

My partner has really suffered after her last two half marathons and has vomited about three times on both occasions within an hour or so of the finish. She has no similar effects after a 10k and was fine after a recent ten mile race. Would be interested to hear people's thoughts on this. She has been well hydrated both times with good pre race meals. 


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Has she taken on gels or sports drinks during the run?

    How much water is she drinking? Too much can be just as bad as not enough.
  • How close is the pre race meal to the race ? I'd suspect its that.
  • No gels or drinks, just sipping water at drinks stations during the race. Last meal pre race is about two hours before.

  • Is she the same after similar distance training runs? 

    Does she pick up the pace for a sprint finish - that has upset my stomach before when finishing a 10k?

  • Does she puke Lucozade or are there carrots in it?

  • I think 2 hours might be too short a time before the race. Try skipping the meal next time.
  • Two hours is not very long to let a pre-race meal digest. That would be the thing I would change first
  • I have exactly the same problem and for me it is linked to how successfully i can refuel  after the race finishes. As flob says she is literally running her guts out! If i dont get enough down as soon as i finish the vomming is inevitable. I found the recovery shakes were good. 

  • Interesting. Why would you throw up if your body was wanting to refuel ? I don't see the logic ?
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