Hybrid or Trail shoe?

Hey, I have just entered in to the Keswick 15km challenge! i'm just wanting to know what type of shoe to have either a hybrid or full trail shoe?? As I am knew to the event and trail running. I also would like to use this shoe for road running.


  • Would run it in a fell shoe myself...

    Have a look at the course : http://www.lakelandtrails.org/keswick/course.php 

  • What shoes do you normally run in?

  • What Roland says.

    Its boggy going up and the second half is largely on an old mine road which is rough in places with wome steep descents in places. Grip is paramount.


  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    What is the difference between a trail shoe and a fell shoe?

  • I normally run in a road shoe at the moment, I didn't want to buy trail shoes as of yet as I don't want to spend loads and them being rubbish.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Pick up some cheap trail shoes from sports direct or similar. They always come in handy at some point.
  • okay thanks

  • mikasa wrote (see)

    What is the difference between a trail shoe and a fell shoe?

    A fell shoe sits lower to the ground for greater stability, has much better grip and feels alot more responsive thanks to a big reduction in weight and increased flexibility..

  • I have a pair of hybrid shoes (Brooks Cascadia) which are good on the road and adequate for light trail, although master of neither.  Anything other than light trail, and you are into the specialist trail/fell shoe category (Salamon/Inov-8/Merell/Scarpa).  I have a pair of Karrimor Trail Run (Sports Direct - £40) which I use for the wet stuff.

    If you are going to be doing a lot of off road mountain running, then I would go for a dedicated fell shoe, and stick to road shoes for the hard surfaces.  It's always good to rotate between a couple of pairs of shoes.

  • what would be the best shoe to buy? because I know im going to be doing at a few of them this year

  • Buy a pair of more miles cheviot 2s only £30 odd quid? Not much support so I hate them on roads, but fantastic value for mud they let me run at full speed through places I can barely stay upright when walking carefully in normal trainers. 

    salomon do some road to trail shoes crossmax or similar look on their website? But road to trail shoes don't have the same levels of grip and someone else said it's muddy so a cheap trail pair like the more miles seems a better way to go, and if you are doing a lot of trail stuff then look at different trail shoes if you want

  • I ran thr ullswater 14 in Adidas Kanadia which you can get at moment in Sports direct under 40 quid. Perfectly happy with them and they cope with a bit of road well too. You need about 2 sizes bigger than normal though!

  • Inov 8 295.

    great on mud, rocks, grass, gravel, road .................and light too.



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