Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon

Hi. I am doing this one because I love Liverpool and I love rock! Will have done Manchester a few weeks before and would have entered the half if I had realised there was one! Doing Manchester to get a decent time.....doing this one to have a good time! Is there anyone out there who is also really looking forward to this? ? 


  • what date is it image


  • May 25th!

  • Bev, It's the first year of the race so not sure about the route yet. Looking forward to it.

  • Hi Cake! You are doing Manchester as wel! Are we mad??? I am going to walk and dance this one! 


  • We're completely bonkers!!! image

  • bev hart wrote (see)

    Hi Cake! You are doing Manchester as wel! Are we mad??? I am going to walk and dance this one! 



    My better half fancies the medal and thought it would be rude to turn up for the day and just do the half. Will be treating this as training through so not expecting much time wise. I’ve done the marathon there before they sold it to the rock and roll people and a good turn out from the local’s for support, it should be fun. image

  • Cake: training for what? ? My OH is not into marathons but doing this for the atmosphere (hopefully!). We making a long weekend of it....same in manchester!

  • Last few years I've been doing tri training for ironman distances with limited effect. So getting in some miles for that as well as having a laugh. image

  • Sounds good!!

  • Nick: is that just us or you as well??? Looking forward to running and rocking?!

  • I'm doing the marathon & should be a good event.   Just got to get the training in and so want a sub 4 hour time!

  • Nick.....I understand!! Obviously just a light hearted throwaway comment to Cake as we are both doing manchester 7 weeks before......I am granny age now and although I did chester in 3:49 last year I am indeed wondering if perhaps that second one so close to Manchester is not a little ambitious!! OF COURSE I don't mean to imply that I am REALLY mad! Please don't take all comments in a negative way. We are on the forums for support and good light hearted sharing....


  in or not???

  • Ps...I am not a fan of implying anyone is stupid!!

  • He didn't imply it and I'm sure he didn't mean Cake

  • I am losing it now! He definitely said  we were not mad but stupid! If not Cake must be me!! I think I am getting off this thread......too many misunderstandings already! I personally didn't mean to irritate anyone!  

  • Maybe it was the no politics just a fun thread thing. Some people are irritated when you tell them how to post. Not everyone is as tolerant as us.

  • image But are you actually doing the race?

  • Whoops...just that the other liverpool thread was all about previous liverpool failings around the run.....organisation etc

    Anyway....I am out of here!

  • bev hartbev hart ✭✭✭

    Please note: I did not in any way mean to say that the previous forum criticised the previous Liverpool race.......apologies for any misunderstanding. This race is now going ahead under a new organisation and there are, as always, "political" aspects of these decisions. I regret my throwaway remark in setting up this thread as it has only led to misunderstanding. Best regards to all....will meet on other threads!! 

  • Hi Bev, is there actually a thread for this Liverpool R&R, I have a few questions to ask.

    I too ran Manchester yesterday, full effort PB run and GFA image but always had this in the back of mind as something to bimble around and enjoy whist trading in the banked training.

    Given that I was looking for enjoyment, there looks to be some serious inclines... what's the general opinion about how difficult this might be?

  • Rich think there are a few threads up but not one thread for everyone so if we all post on this one might get everyone else in on it. Did manchester as well liverpool will be hillier from what I can tell on the map but not bad enough to worry about. Thinking with recovery from manchester it's going to be slightly harder but might be a good laugh and plenty of chances for enjoyment. image

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