Nike Air Pegasus +28

My Nike Air Pegasus +28 have come to the end of their life. I've read that the +29s are not the same but have not heard any reviews about the +30s.

I saw on another thread that the Vomero +7 is similar to the +28s but that was the beginning of last year so struggling to find them in my size.

Can anyone recommend something similar to the +28s? I am a forefoot runner that overpronates very slightly.



  • Hi

    I have an overpronate and wear a Nike Hurricane and have found them great, I would definitely get another pair.  I hope this helps!

  • The Nike outlet in Hatfield had 28s and 29s when I was there recently.

  • Incidentally, I find that the 29 is comparable to Vomero 7.

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