Physio webchat with Sarah Connors

Are you in the midst of marathon training and suffering from an injury or niggle? Sarah Connors  will be joining us on Friday the 7th March at 1pm to answer all your injury questions. Join us then or post questions below. 



  • Any advice regarding "inflamed superior fat pad" would be great please.
  • Hi Sarah,

    I've had a tight (left) calf which has been giving me Achilles problems for well over a year now.

    What can i be doing to loosen it up?

  • I have what I suspect may be achilles tendonitis.  It doesn't trouble me to any degree while I'm running but is painful the following day.  I ran 10 miles last night with no trouble however this morning the achilles is tender.

    What can you suggest to lessen the pain?  Thanks!


  • Hi Sarah

    Since last July I have a pain directly on my hip bone. It started after a really hard and fast session. At the beginning I couldn't even walk and hardly sit. Got painkillers over painkiller, X-Ray is fine, physio since December. It gets better but if I press a little bit against my hip bone it still really hurts and I still can't run as it only gets worse. Currently I can only manage slow 5ks but even then I can feel my hip.

    Can you help?
  • Hi Sarah

    My first marathon is in 6 weeks. Training had been going well until December when I had to see a physio who diagnosed a weak gluteus medius muscle on my left side. After 2 weeks of strengthening and stretching with cross training I was back on track with schedule. All was fine until last week when the pain/aches have reappeared on my right side. It feels very much in the same muscles as was on my left but I have also has previous IT band troubles on this leg. I have been careful not to overtrain and last week was a lighter week but I did a fast paced 8 miler which seems to have caused the problems. I don't want to stop running at this stage but don't want to make it worse. I have been stretching, foam rolling & using a golf ball to massage the area like I did previously, but what is the best thing to do at this stage? Many thanks, Ruth

  • Hi Sarah,

    am 7 weeks away from my marathon, training is going well - last year I had to defer 3 weeks before due to soft tissue swelling from itbfs. (Eventually solved with cortisone)

    Im currently experiencing a very slight niggle in both knees in the middle under the kneecap, i can only describe it as feeling creaky!? and only when bending and going upstairs and only after a run, some days it's there other days nothing. 

    I ran 18 miles yesterday with no pain. Im foam rollering daily, spend hours stretching/ doing strength (work glutes especially) i have a sports massage every 2 weeks.

    obviously am worried this niggle could turn into something worse - what should I do training wise? Thank you for your help 


  • Hi Sarah I am currently working up to marathon distance, currently at half marathon distance.  Covering about 23 miles a week.  Have also been cross-training with resistance exercises eg push ups and sit ups.  Have developed muscular pain in the lower abdomen which affects my ability to sit up , and also affects my running such that I am afraid to push harder and my rhythm is off.    Had two days rest hoping the pain would subside. 

    Went for a 5 mile interval run tonight and had the same problem - the faster I go the worse it gets, and going downhill seems to exacerbate it.  Wondering what this pain is and if it is serious ie have I torn something?  Should I still be running? 

    Would love to hear your advice.



  • Hi Sarah

    i have a rather painful niggle just above my left ankle, inside of my leg. It feels like a bruise although there is no bruising. It started on a long run about a month ago and flares up at random, usually on long runs. My marathon is in 2.5 weeks so I'm a little worried. I use the foam roller and rub it with ibuprofen cream but while that lessens the pain, it certainly doesn't get rid of it. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.



  • Hi Sarah. I have pain in the back of my left knee, which I've been told could be hamstring related. It first occurred after my first 10 miler about a month ago, so I iced and rested for a week and it improved. Then did my first half marathon on Sunday and it has flared up again. Gets worse during the day when I'm at my desk. Both knees feel stiff. Also, when I was running on Sunday there was pain on the inside of both knees and my right groin/hip. I could barely walk immediately after the race. I want to do more half marathons, so would appreciate any advice you can offer.


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Hi Sarah,

    I've just started a beginners running group. What would you advise are the best basic stretches that I can get them doing? I'm thinking injury prevention here.

    Thanks image

  • Hi Sarah,

    Any suggestions how my running will be affected by a fractured humerous bone? In collar & cuff for 6-wks total (2 weeks done, 4 to go). Just wondering how long it will take after that is off to be able to run? Thanks for any help.
  • Any advice on how to out run a T1000?


    OK a serious question. I'm in training for the  Paris Marathon, and about 6 weeks ago I took a fall mid run and my knee took a knock. It resulted in restricted movement for a few days and was a bit sore when moving it after it had been static for a while.

    Anyway after a few days it all went away somewhat and I could run unrestricted. Still can - it's not affecting my running gait. But after a run, my knee swells a little and feels stiff and a bit tender.

    I've also noticed that when I move the knee after a period of keeping it still, for example getting out of a car, its quite tender when straightening it back up and takes a few bends to bring it back to life.

    Any ideas? 

  • Another one. 

    I keep getting cramps in my calves overnight while I'm sleeping/snoozing. Its a bit like I can feel them and they are all "Charged" for a cramp and it reaches a certain point and just goes.

    These usually occur when I go to sleep on a rest day (Work out monday, rest tuesday, go to sleep tuesday night - cramps)

    Any ideas how these can be alleviated, or prevented? Or why they occur?

  • GladragsGladrags ✭✭✭

    Am building up from London and suffer from tight hamstrings/calves/hips. So I've invested in a foam roller and have started using that. BUT I would really like to know what a good routine is? I'm struggling to find guidance on the web. How long and how often should I roll each area?

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    I'm similar to Bananarama above in that I have pain in my hips and groin. According to my sports massage lady it's the glueteus medius and psoas that are causing the problems. The only thing that has made it go away is a weekly massage which is a bit taxing on the purse strings image

    I'm training for a two day 100km ultra in July, and I'm running further than I ever have before. I was up to 20 miles on the long run and around 40 - 45 a week, but have taken the last 3 weeks off hard running to see if it helps the hips. It doesn't much, as soon as I run again, it's back. It's not excruciating, but it is annoying and I'd like to get rid of it as much as possible before I attempt my massive run in the summer.

    I do the lying-on-the-bed-with-leg-hanging-off-the-edge stretch which helps a bit. Are there any other stretches I could do? Will foam roller help? Anything to do with running gait? I run in zero drop shoes (sometimes with cushioning and sometimes not) but I've always had the hip problem, even when I was running in anti-pronation shoes. I've had coachign for changing my running style and built up gradually last summer and autumn.

    I have strong glutes, but my hamstrings are laughably weak (as in I can only manage hamstring curls on the gym machine on the lowest weight, and even that's a struggle, compared to around 5 stacks down on the quads). I am doing hamstring curls with resistance bands twice a week to help.

    Also are there any stretches you'd recommend for the psoas. and any strengthening exercises? I've tried bicycles, sit ups, the boat etc and they bring on the pain (not during but a few hours later)



  • Hi, I have been running for a few years now, but the last 6 months I have been running a lot more seriously. I have been running around three 10k's a week about 45 mins per run. I also do a lot of walking as I have a border collie. Last week I did about 40 miles of running and walking.

    Now to the point! My legs are really hurting, just walking makes them hurt. It feels like it is my bones that are hurting. I haven't ran for a week and they are still hurting. Any advice would be brilliant.

    Thanks, Callum.
  • Hi Paul,

    I am currently training for London - I've had to take quite a bit of time off due to Achilles tendinitis (right foot) after previously having PF (left foot) since stopping running my right hip is really aggravated and is painful to even walk, and am not able to run due to the tendon pain as well.  I have been strengthening the tendon so about a month, but there doesn't seem to be any difference once I even lightly jog.


    This is now seriously impacting marathon training and any help would be most appreciated.


    Many thanks,



  • Hiya.

    I have had a semimembranosus injury for 4 years now. I've returned yo running in January and am taking it easy with nothing more than a 5k once or twice a week. Any advice or do i need to just live with it?? Thanks!!
  • Hi,


    I have Plantar Aschiitis (spelling?) and havent run for a fortnight under docs orders and have been taking anti inflammatories, stretching and exercising my left foot but it doesnt appear to have had any impact whatsoever.

    Is there something extra i can do or is it a long term slow recovery (can i still run?) or is it a case of simply living with it and taking the anti inflammatories after / befor a run?

  • Hi Sarah,

    Firstly, thanks for your time.

    VLM - 5 weeks to go - first marathon ever (usually do 1/2's) and my training has been very good since Christmas and injury free. However, last Friday evening, my usual 5mile pace run (usually 8m10/15s) turned nasty!
    After 4 miles, my right knee gave way, pain on the rear, left hand side (as I look down) and I've got a bit of a limp.

    I have had a week off, did RICE on Fri eve & most of Sat/Sun and subsequently missed the Silverstone 1/2 on Sunday image 
    In all honesty, confidence has taken a bit of a blow and I'm worried for VLM, as I'm not sure I'll get the distance in (don't think 15 miles is manageable on Sunday morning).

    Any advice greatly received - thanks very much.

  • Afternoon everyone. I'll try my best to get all the questions answered.....

  • Hi Steph, it could be the shoes causing more pressure from the longer runs. It also could be the camber of the road if you’re running a longer way on the same camber this can put extra pressure on one side of the foot. Does it hurt to hop? Does it hurt to press the bone which are both signs of a stress injury. It does sound more like the soft tissue given how quickly it settles but check the tarsal bone the long toe bone as these are vulnerable to stress with longer runs. You could also see what the peronei muscle feels like along the outside of the calf as this attaches in this area and if tight will pull. You can try getting your thumbs into the lateral calf or foam roller and see if that helps.

  • hi! so just over three weeks ago I was diagnosed with a tibial stress reaction/ shin splints. ive been told to take 6 weeks off but have been pain free for about a week. Do you think I can start running before the 6 weeks is up? ive been cross training like a crazy woman doing spin classes/swimming  but getting so frustrated image also after six weeks off how hard will it be to run and how much speed will I have lost? and when will I be able to race 10k's again/ half maras?


  • Hi Dee

    I presume you are talking about around the knee. Make sure your quadriceps muscle isn’t tight and pulling on the knee. See on the website for how to stretch your quads and hip flexors. Ice is good to settle the swelling and inflammation.

  • Hi Mat,

    You need to find out the cause of this as it’s been there so long. Either your mechanics have you got the right shoes, are they worn out?

    Is your lower back tight causing the calf to be tight, are your gluts weak resulting in the calf working harder. Is the calf weak? Do you need to do some calf strengthening. You can try some very slow calf raises, initially on the flat then lowering the heel on a step, progrees to one leg with a weight but all done very slowly. Try the glut exercises and lower back and nerve stretches on the website too. If these don’t help I suggest you see a running sports physio.

  • Hi John

    Again if the tendon is grumbling start the slow strengthening programme in the last post you need to make sure the area is strong enough

  • Hi Beatrix sounds like it could be bursitis if acutely painful over the outside of the hip joint. Sometimes an injection from a sports medicine doc can really help settle this along with stability exercises and work to free the back hip and all surrounding soft tissue esp the ITB and TFL. Speak to your physio about a possible referral and check they are doing the above.

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