10 th Race s of the Poppy Coutry

10 th of the Poppy Contry Races (France)  

September  7th 2014                  

 Come in ALBERT (80300 France)  and take part to the

           10th races

     of the 

Poppy Country            


Here are  few events: 


 Sports event:

             “Mara-Trail” (42,195 km of dirt tracks);

Half Marathon (road race),

10 Km; 5 Km, and races for children

 11 km of leisure  walk

   Memorial event :

         you will run through the  Circuit of Remembrance (you run into the Somme 1916 Museum which is set in an underground tunnel , through the Franco-British Memorial of Thiepval, past  the Ulster Tower and the Beaumont-Hamel Newfondland Memorial,  you will run under the railway through a tunnel that soldiers used to join the front and you will finallycross a river…)

Festive event :

Enjoyment and meals at the  “Velodrome Stadium”

 Charity event :

         Money will be collected for the Association “Autisme Picardie 80”

How to contact us:

Website  : www.coursesducoquelicot.com

Mail: coursesducoquelicot@orange.fr



  • Soory for my French-English....image

  • C'est une honte, ils n'ont plus le marathon de la route il - que c'était une bonne course.

    J'ai aussi fait le demi-marathon et le 10k, les deux parcours agréable.

  • Bonjour,

    le marathon est remplacé par un maratrail encore plus prêt des monuments historique et commémoratif.

    Venez essayer... vous ne serez pas déçue.


    The marathon is replaced by a Mara Trail (same distance)


    You run more nearly of  the historic and commemorative monuments.


    Come and try you will not be disappointed.





  • Phillippe, acceptez-vous la licence Compétition de England Athletics en place du certificat médical pour les coureurs anglais?


  • Hello Wilkie,

    It's OK with the licence compétition of England Athlétics




  • Merci!

    My club might come over for the races this year image


  • Hello Wilkie,

    I hope you will be members of the numerous present Britsh 

    An article appears in the June issue of Women's Running, which is out now.


    See you in september image




  • My club is making a trip out this year.......image

  • What is the name of your club? (of what city?)

  • its in south walesimage...

  • That would be good, Seren, to meet up again!


  • Wilkie.......unfortunately i'm taking September out as a rest month so my hubby is going.......

  • Oh well, it was a nice idea!

    I don't know if any of my club will go - they were put off by the idea of the med cert, so being able to use a comp licence will help.

    The other issue is accommodation - where do your club members stay? 

  • one of the guys is sorting out the accommodation for everyone


     looks a great event for clubs as there are so many options


  • The Poppy Country Races welcome the Foreign Runners

    On Saturday, September 6th,

    10:15 am : Small jogging through the  city (3 km)


    11:00 am : reception at the Tourist Office
                  - presentation of the City
                  - souvenir gift
                  - friendly drink

    Come in large numbers to represent your Country in a good mood

    Meeting point: 10:00 am, in front of Albert's church (Place d’Armes)

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