Wednesday 26th February 2014


Lyrics - Father wears his Sunday best

Hope the news was good Blisters.

Ouch RFJ.

Sounds promising Alehouse.

What:                turbo
Why:                 easier day
Last hard:         a long time
Last rest:          19/2

Yesterday's lyrics - The Gloves Are Off by The Feeling

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    lyric - easy
    RFJ - ouch
    Blisters - did they tell you about some other child as we normally get? "helpful", "polite", "works well", "co-operative" --- nah not my two...Have parents 'evening' for my youngest tonight. Well I say evening, its 4-6 which is afternoon in my book.
    what - easy run lunchtime, club AGM tonight
    why - hard session on grass last night (400,300,200,100 progressively faster with same distance recovery @ steady pace x3)
    last rest - 10/2
    last hard - stairs this morning

    beautiful day looking likely, got to work in daylight AND with a yellow thing in the sky...

  • What: pool swim this evening

    why: variety

    last hard: Sunday

    last rest: Friday

    lyrics: not a clue

    Banged my head on side twice in pool on Monday, cut finger requiring attention after clash of badminton racquets yesterday ... Maybe should stick to " safe" sports!image

  • What: 11 miles AM d&d by 0645

    5 or so at lunchtime

    Why: because I can

    Last hard: Sunday

    Last rest:Sunday 16th Feb

    Lyrics: finally a yes :??)

    Life is on the up and my weight is on the down :??)
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all

    What: hopefully a 3 miler this afternoon
    Why: getting back to it, though feeling very run down still
    Last hard: keeping awake have been in bed at 8 every night this week :S
    Last rest: Sunday
    Lyrics: yes image

    RFJ not again image  I hope there isn't any lasting damage.
    How did your MLR go LMH?
    Good luck with the parents' evening Dustin.

    Have a good afternoon all.

  • Good news Gobi. That's a lot of running for a cyclist image

    Slowly - but I got the miles in emzap. Sounds as though you may need the rest more than the 3 miles?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Afternoon!

    Lyrics: yes!

    Parents'evenings: not any more, for both reasons!

    What: something later, to be decided. Hopefully half an hour off road.
    Why: should be able to run in the light.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Round 3 of work bake off today (sponge cakes) so will certainly need a swim later!image

  • ouch, RFJ! And there isn't even any ice or snow aboutimage 

    more ouch from OH! Crikey, watch out what you are doing, will yaimage

    what: another double - 5 miles am done; intervals looming for the evening image
    why: P&D says so - in fact, they say 11 miles with 5 x 1200s but that's too much for one sesh I find so I prefer to split it
    last hard: Sunday
    last rest: 17/2
    lyrics: yes

  • A'noon

    Lyrics: Yes, good choice.

    Catch up over coffee

  • Arvo guys,

    What: 3.2 miles (26.30) and a swim later

    Why: HM is now very very loomy

    Legs felt good today actually, although hips hurt more with rest (defo inflammation happening). I brought some anti inflam gel, I am usually not a believer but will try anything.


    Have not run a stride since Sunday
  • Dibs
    "loomy" ???
    Google didn't help ...image

    Whether it it is all in the mind or not, I find anti-inflammatory gels do seem to help with soft tissue pain especially if superficial.
    Plus if it appears to help, then it is helping 

  • An abbreviation for 'looming' I think OH. Who is winning the bake off?

    Good that the legs are feeling fresher Dibs.

    You get the bike out for 5 miles Gobi?!?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • haha OH- Yea, 'looming'.. it's all a bit loomy ya knowimage

    LMH- Yea, I would class today's run as a goodin, legs haven't felt that fresh in a while. rest has done some good i think! 3 days to go! 


  • Cracking session tonight after work.  7 miles including 16 x 2 min fast (5K pace) with 1 min recovery.  Enjoyed it although it was really hard work. 

    Lyrics, unfortunately, yes.  I really dislike the band and the song and now its stuck in my head!

  • LMH - you misunderstand me

    Yesterday and Monday I rode but today I ran twice
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭


    Well did the 3 miles and am feeling better for it.  

    He he, loomy, well we all know how the Aussies like to abbreviate everything (I mean who decided to call it a sanger image )  Is the half this weekend?

  • Spot on Emzap! Yep, this sunday is the half, hoping for weather and legs like today. Getting a bit more excited for it, still nervous but I know I am going to PB, just by how muchimage

  • Evening!

    What: 6k steady, although more on road than off in the end
    Why: the mud was too tiring!

    Pammie: where are you? Are you still doing LFOM?

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • /members/images/456406/gallery/aIMAG0024.jpg

     More unhealthy eating! imageimage (good job I got my swim in!)

    What's your current PB Dibs?

  • That's an impressive array of cakes OH! Which is yours?

    I was thinking about Pammie today too Alehouse. Is your peak flow improving?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Mmmmmmm Cakes....

    What - 9.3m in 75 mins
    Why - Midweek run
    Last hard Last night and the ground....
    Last Rest - Mon

    Going to stop the meds Im on for my IBS as not really working, weight going on and getting slower..... got to go back for blood tests again tomorrow, may also ask for some knee pads....

    Take care

    Lyrics a big YES....

  • OH: far too many chocolate cakes! What an example to set to your patients! image You probably ought to send them on to some of the thread members! image

    LMH: peak flow about 490 just now...but in the mornings can't get over 430.

    RFJ: knee pads sound a good idea! I'm sure it would save the NHS a lot of money in the long run...and you a lot of pain!

    And talking of missing thread members, I take it you are still in mourning for Spurs' recent defeats, Wabo! And the departure of Jermaine!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Lyrics: yes

    Dustin, Parents’ afternoon was in fact an evening affair this time, our first appointment was at 6.
    However, they were clearly telling is about one of your children. Mild mannered, helpful, joy to teach, works hard, not afraid to ask questions. It’s getting to the point where we/she has to choose options for GCSE, and whilst she’s no brainbox she doesn’t seem to have many clear duffer subjects.
    Well done on that pyramid session.

    Gobi does another easy day.

    EMZ; I echo what LMH said, but I know that those 3 miles are more valuable to the head than the legs.

    Chick, you’re gunning the sessions in right now. What’s the target?
    Donaldo, you appear to have the guns out too. But you do it for fun.
    Dibs (sigh)
    RFJ, good run and good pace.

    OH, WOW! That’s a shed load of cake. 100 calories per running mile…But then again, if it hasn’t got a shop label it hasn’t got any calories.

    I got a hamster wheel run done. Standard 6.6 miles. Gentle start, becoming more progressive. Managed to keep in the zone, despite having to stop at virtually every road crossing point for traffic. It was that time of day. You’ll like these numbers:
    1- 7:31
    2- 7:32
    3- 7:11
    4- 7:32
    5- 7:35
    6- 7:07 (uphill)
    0.6- 6:34m/m
    Average pace 7:20 m/m.
    This run was completed in honour of a chap I met at work, last seen 12 months ago. He was 25 stone then, and is now 14 stone and a 30 mpw runner. RESPECT.

  • That is some weight loss, Blisters: and I'm struggling to shift half a stone. You'd have thought it was simple! Perhaps I ought to run 30 miles a week! They say that running helps with weight loss. Must try it some time. Will have to go to the Alehouse to contemplate this.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • LOL Blisters, always :`)
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