London Marathon ITB Injury

Hi everyone,
I have a place for the London Marathon 2014 but I got a knee/ITB injury early Feb. It came on gradually during a run, and after that walking/sitting was very painful. I have had three physio sessions since then, it was diagnosed as an accumulative running injury. I have been doing lots of stretches and strength work/used tape and after massaging etc it seems to have cleared up.

I have been cycling, rowing and swimming for a couple of weeks (after a week without any exercise) and am now beginning to run again (but planning on including much more cross-training and strength work in to my training as I think this is where I went wrong before). So far I have done a 3k and a 5.5k runs without any pain. 

Just wondering if anyone has any advice for the next 6 weeks. Do I still need the 3 week period before the race to reduce training? Considering the past 3/4 weeks have not been that tough. Not sure how to tackle the limited time I have before the race. 

This is my first marathon so my aim is to get round and enjoy the day. Thanks for any advice!! 

Before my injury my longest run was 17, having followed an intermediate marathnon plan for about 7-8 weeks, if that helps! 


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