Asics Gel Kinsei 5 problems

Hello all. I've been wearing ASICS Gel Kinsei shoes for years with no problem at all until the current series 5 came out. 

The 5 series is lighter - but the mesh around the toes is wafer thin and after about 150 miles starts to rip. 

I'm now onto my third pair this year to rip like this after not a lot of use. Sportshoes have so replaced the first two pairs but say they are unaware of anyone else having problems like this. 

Am doing London next month and don't want to change make/brand of shoes before the race. 

Anyone else having these hassles with these shoes?






  • Sorry folks. A word missing in my post. It should read ... Sportsshoes have so far replaced two pairs.

  • I had the same issue after only 50 miles, and sent them back to sportsshoes also. They are not a patch on the Kinsei 4's which are getting harder to come by.

    Asics need to look into this as there is a problem with the design and/or the choice of material that they are using. Considering that the Kinsei is often perceived as their flagship shoe, I found them very disappointing and poor value for money.

  • I  bought some Kinsei 5's from Start Fitness, they replaced the first pair after the material around the toe began to come apart, the second pair proved even more fragile, have written to start fitness asking for full refund, awaiting response.

    Emailed  Asics on this matter after the fist shoes failed, said  the the fault had been resolved and I would have no more problems!!, obviously not the case, I have written again. I've been told Ben Lewis will be in touch.


    Asics email address is '', contacts are Joanne Plaskett or Ben Lewis 

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