anyone got any ideas on how to prevent chafing on the inner thighs? this only affects me when i wear shorts and then after about 8 miles.i now wear longs for all runs over 10k but i find that the longs get very sweaty after 10 miles.i notice that around 90% of marathon runners wear shorts---how do they solve the chafing problem?i am running the dublin marathon and would be grateful for advice on this.


  • I tried vaseline recently and it worked, but it has to be said that it's a bit messy and yukky.

    I've heard that Bodyglide is best, and as soon as I get organised I'm going to send off for some. I read here that it's available from Wayside Kinetics in Cambridge via

    Good luck :)
  • Try cycling shorts. Bourne sports have 'em on offer right now a tenner a pair.
  • If you go for cycling shorts - make sure you get the non padded variety - the padded insert can make for awkward running ;o)

    I prefer the Vaseline option myself
  • lycra shorts and a liberal dose of vaseline.
  • Nobody mentioned lubrication to me when I was persuaded into running - only after I had my entry for London was I told about the brutal initiation - the 'slathering on of the Vaseline'.

    What sick kinda perverts are you ?

  • When I did the Robin Hood the other week, at about 12 miles I passed a St Johns Ambulance volunteer holding out her hand containing a large blob of the stuff. I mean what was I going to do with it at that moment in time ? Surely I would have been artrested !
  • I too have a thigh chafing problem in those little "marathon" shorts, so I wear Lycra shorts instead - I like the Nike Drifit ones. I find I can wear the little shorts if I wear plenty of vaseline too, but it seems easier to stuff them at the back of the drawer and wear other stuff instead.

    A long term solution to the problem would seem to be to reshape my thighs so they didn't rub together. Anyone know any good exercises for that, or do I need surgery?!
  • Yes its the old vaseline for me, but how do you get it off your hands before you run? tried washing it off but its waterproof.
  • Cougie

    "What sick kinda perverts are you ?"

    Have you SEEN the Dark Side thread?
  • I have seen the dark side thread !

    What are they on about ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Oh well, we know all about them. Stay away little cat - those badgers and foxes can be vicious. And as for the monkey......

    Last I looked there was a Tractor involved. Must be some kinda Agricultural Sacrificing ritual.
  • How right you are Cougie, there is even someone (mentioning no names) who thinks he is a badger !!!!!!!!!!
  • thanks to all for your suggestions--have tried the vaseline--ok up to 6 miles --after that misery--had hoped that a hi-tech solution may have evolved considering the many hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions)who have done long distance races--might make a good Phd project for a budding sports scientist or materials techie--Piglet,i will also try Bodyglide--thanks for the tip---what is the "dark side"?
  • u don't want 2 go 2 the dark side mate. you won't come back.
  • Go on Jim, I dare you
    I have to run in longs as well, only solution I fear
    Do the vaseline as well, just in case
  • Jim - those who mentioned Bodyglide have it right, it's the best invention since sliced bread. Us triathletes use it a lot to prevent chafing of thighs and nipples in wet swimsuits, also under Neoprene wetsuits to prevent sore necks/arms/knees. And it doesn't get on your hands either - it comes in a push-up stick like a deodorant. I can't live without it for endurance events.
  • i borrowed a pair of lycra shorts to run in a 10 mile race on sunday 13th---totally daft looking but what comfort---no chafing no sweating no irritation--am getting a pair despite looking like an escapee from the tour de france--will also try the bodyglide---thanks for all the suggestions
    still havent a clue about the dark side
  • just try it Jim
  • benz,
    am totally intrigued by this "dark side"--how do i access it?
  • Jim

    The "dark side" hides in the UFRC forum, but they hide near the top!

    I went there once - never again....

    I keep wearing the lycra undershorts but don't bother with vaseline unless its very hot.
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