Brighton marathon place wanted

I'm still after a marathon place people money waiting please contact me


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I don't think they do transfers at Brighton.
  • They sell out really quickly, you have to sign up almost a year in advance!  Have you tried for any last minute charity places if you have your heart set on it?

  • Brighton do do transfers so shouldn't be a problem.image

  • Only up until June though unfortunately.

    - From their website:


    Can I transfer my number to someone else?

    The deadline for accommodating requests of this nature was Friday 14th June 2013. Transfers after that date are not possible; you will need to defer your place if you are unable to run. It is against race rules to transfer your number to another person.  If you are found to gift or sell your place to another runner your entry will be deleted and you will not be allowed to enter Brighton Marathon in the future.

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