Milton Keynes Marathon 2014

I have a place for the MK Marathon on 5th May, but can no longer use it image

Anyone want it, at a reduced price? Normal entry price is £42 affiliated. You can have my place for £35.

Let me know at steve_r_gunn at yahoo fullstop co fullstop uk if you're interested.


  • Reduced to £28. Any takers?

    Note that I can transfer the place into your own name/address etc via the official web site, so this will be an official transfer.

  • are you still selling your place? if so then let me know as I could be interested.


  • Hi. Yes, the place is still available. I've sent you a message.
  • Looking forward to this my fourth marathon of the year but suffering this week with pf after brighton


  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭

    Hi All. Is anyone driving up from London with space for two small(ish) ones in their car.

    I got there with no problems last year by train but this year the dreaded words rail replacement bus have reared their ugly heads image 

  • Anyone going with a spare place on their car, willing to help with petrol and more ££ since train this year is no a chance. Thximage

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