running again after a stroke.

On Jan the 4th whilst out running I collapsed. Long story short brain anurism (bleed) causing a stroke. After a small brain operation where I had 3 coils fitted I spent a while in hospital recovering. I've now been given the okay to start running again. Has anyone got any advice ? Been through similar ? Any help would be great.


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    Not been through it myself...  but I've guided someone who'd had a TLA back into running.  She was in her 60s... and not run for some years.  So, I read up on it - probably reading some of the same stuff you'll have read.  Learning how building your physical fitness is  very helpful...  and learning how many professional athletes have got back to the massive physical rigours of professional sport, having come through strokes.

    Personally, I can't really help, other than to say that the couch to 5K programme might be a good entry point back in, even if that feels like a massive step backwards.  It's a tried and trusted programme, and it could help you build your confidence, as well as your body.

    Good luck.  Just keep taking any medical advice, and enjoy it.  Huge numbers of people go before you with success stories.

  • I'm 39, was 38 when this happened.
  • No advice, Mike, but I'm glad to hear you're on the road to recovery and I hope you enjoy your running. Take it easy.

  • I guess run/walk and build up slowly?

  • I would keep runs very easy, keeping blood pressure down, so maybe get a heart rate monitor. Obviously you shouldn't set out to establish what your max heart rate is - this is probably a case when just estimating it is fine image

    Listen to your body. If you have any functional deficits like limp then you may take a while to adjust to adapted running style and consider footwear etc. You might want to do strength training as likely you will have lost muscle function after a period of inactivity - perhaps getting physio advice on this?

    If your confidence is low run in loops so you are never far from home if you run on our own.

    Get some sort of Id that has your medical history e.g.

    Well done for coming back from it, and best of luck.
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