Trailies in Newcastle area

Anyone in a round Newcastle doing a bit of trail running?

I'm out quite often and never see anyone covered in as much mud or looking in as much pain as myself.

Is there anybody else trundling rounds the trials round here?

Feels like theres secret trails somewhere that I don't know about. Gen me up people!


  • Try these lot, I've run a couple of their races and it's great fun, I'm sure someone there would point you in the right direction


  • Hi Rob,

    I live in Washington and regularly trot around on NE trails. Favourite areas include Causey Arch, Beamish, Penshaw to name but a few. Given time get up to Cheviots. How about you?

  • Newcastle upon tyne or under lyme?

    If upon tyne which trais do you use im in the area and looking to brach out.

  • Im in Gateshead but am short on trail options. My standard long run is a 20 mile out and back along the tanfield railway path. Rarely see anyone else out!
  • For Newcastle/Gateshead runners there is good run from Blaydon rugby club if you head up the railway line and take a left after about a mile up a hill. It takes you up to Tanfield, from there you can run back via Dunston or head over to Beamish and Causey Arch  You can even head down the Tanfield Railway line towards from there tp the Angel of the North and Gateshead

  • Cheers for the replies guys, yeah its Newcastle/Gateshead that i was wondering about.

    Tim, what you've mentioned sounds similar to where i plod about. I use the Bowes railway line then link into Beamish, Tanfield, Watergate park etc. Not ventured over to Causey arch as with my run being an out n back its a canny old hike. That being said ive done a few walks around there looking for trails to link up to make some loops rather than out n backs. Have you ventured on the old railway that runs from Wardley through Washington, over the Wear? Its a bit of an ankle breaker....and boring being pretty much flat all the way but im sure i spyed some trails leading off from it.

    Andy AFCB, 20 miler on the Tanfield! Where does that start/finish? I usually hit it at the Railway station then follow down to Watergate but lose it there. Sounds like theres more i need to know about.

    Ive also kinda of managed to link from Tanfield railway to a trail named.....Gibside Skyline? This ran in to Derwent walk which i think eventually would link up to the C2C if you head away from Dunston.

    Anyhow, if anyone has some good trails to hit let i would love to try them out.


  • Hi Rob,

    Yes I use the Bowes railway line to link up to Beamish/Causey then run back the Sunderland/Consett line to make it a loop.

    Another great route is the tidal path on the Wear starting/finish at Penshaw. Best to run when tide is out to stay on full tidal path image Is a loop as run back on the other side of the river.

    Between 16 to 20(ish) miles depending on if you run to Sea or not.


  • Up to Chopwell Woods along the Derwent path and then around there as much as you like. image

  • Chopwell woods are great for running. I often combine different combinations of the three marked routes in order to make a longer one. Aldo heading a bit further out along the Tyne valley towards ryton, prudhoe heddon and hexham there are some great footpaths and bridleways that can be turned into pretty hilly long runs. A lot of the long runs I do are adopted from mountain bike books. They obviously stick to bridleways and roads but just by looking at the maps of the area, you can substitute some of these for footpaths.

    If you're willing to drive out a bit you can have some epic days out around slaley and Blanch land, and all this even before we get to the Cheviots.
  • Rob, I think ive got the wrong trail it could be the bowes railway. Ive ran it numerous times I should know the name of it by now!

    I start near hebburn, go up through wrekenton, up past the angel, past kibblesworth and up to tanfield railway station. Ive tried to find a link to Beamish but no luck so far!
  • Ah yes, that's Bowes line, all my long runs head up there aswell.

    Theres......3 ways that I know of that link you into Beamish.

    The first is at the top of Kibblesworth as you break out on the 2nd road crossing. At this point you have to take a left an run maybe 1/2 mile down the road and on the right opens up a fairly large track into Beamish woods.

    Second is about 1/4 mile past the 3rd road crossing on your left, can be hard to spot as sometimes get over grown. Its marked up as hedley wood and is part of the sculpture trail. Its boggy as hell most of the time so you may need to detour through a field that may or may not involve taking chase of a gang of horses and hurdling a few barb wire fences.

    Third is from a small trail accessed from the road that runs past the Beamish park hotel. You have to run all the way up to Tanfield railway and track along pavement/roads for a bit(not nice,lol)

    All 3 eventually kick you out at.....Beamish hall which means another 15 mins or so hitting tarmac before you can access the c2c line.

  • Got the train to haltwhistle today and ran up to the Hadrian's wall path. Just a there and back route but a good day out. Train was only 12 pound return.
  • Nice one Gee Bee 2, were you recce'ing for the wall run?

  • Andy I can show you at least 2 links from Tanfield to Beamish, the best of which is via Causey arch image

  • No rob. I'm doing the south downs way 100 and lakeland 100 but I just love that part of the Hadrian's wall path.
  • Stumbled across this thread again last week and tried the first of your suggestions Rob- its opened up a host of new options!

    Will also have to check out the causway route Tim

    Not long till the l100 Gee Bee hows the prep going? After missing all of march and april through injury training seems to be ticking along nicely now for me.
  • If anyone fancies a very undulating trail half marathon in the NE. You might want to check out this image

  • I'm glad I found this thread, will try a couple of the trails mentioned at the top And the pieces of 8 looks interesting. The possibility of the Dark Skies marathon looks most intriguing however

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