Sudden loss of desire to run at about 18 miles

Today I experienced a complete loss of desire to run at the 18 mile mark of my long slow run. I was in really good shape until 16 miles when I started to feel a bit tired. At 18 miles though I had this very strong desire to just stop. I took a 1 min break and stretched. I got running again. My legs were tired but felt good for a few more miles. However, at mile 20 I just wanted to stop again. And I did stop. 

Does this sound like it is a nutrition issue, a lack of will power, lack of physical fitness or something else? Not sure what to do about it. 


  • Could be a bit of everything. I love running marathons but struggle on my own on long runs, can you get someone to run with you, stick some new songs on an iPod if you use one, or do an out and back so when you've reached 10 miles for example you are heading for home which helps with the motivation.

  • Sounds like nutrition to me, or dehydration? Or it could have just been that you were having a bad day. We all have them. You'll be back on next week, don't worry.
  • Sounds like every long run I ever do!  No matter the pace (or nutrition/water), ~18 miles in... bang.  Decided I'm better suited to shorter races so sticking to halves and below now.

  • image and at 19/ 20/21/22+ miles

  • Should have stopped at 16 miles. A week or two later try 17 or 18 miles. A gel  + electrolyte drink may have helped the bonk/energy fade.


  • Are you taking on anything ?
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