The sleeper train for Lodon to Scotland

Hi guys

I reckon you lot are well travelled. So can you give me some advice. I don't want to pay the supplement of £43 to get a bed in a berth. But is it comfortable travelling for seven hours in seated sleeper. The information on the website makes it seem much better than seats you get in the day.

I have travelled overnight in a coach, which made my feet feel really swollen, and I got little sleep. That won't be good the day before I run in a marathon.


  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    I did try to edit the title!  Of course it was meant to be 'from London to Scotland' .image

  • I did Glasgow to London overnight in a 'reclining seat'. It was hell. Never again.

    To be fair, another passenger looked better prepared. She took her shoes off and lay down across two unoccupied seats and was in pretty good nick in the morning. Everyone else was wrecked.Spend the ???? or travel during the day. The, fast, daytime trains are great.
  • Kathy - what day is your race? There are no overnight sleeper services on a Saturday night, so you couldn't do that for a Sunday race. As ATM says, the sit up overnight option is pretty grim. Better to travel up during the day if you can. Check out flights too - they can be cheaper than the train if you're flexible on travel times, especially from London City airport at the weekend.
  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the replies. I checked out the flights, and they were comparable in price to the train fares. And it is more difficult either end of the journey.

    Anyway, I decided to splash out and bought train tickets with a berth, £106 either way. More expensive than I was going to pay. But I thought that I would treat myself.

  • I did London to Leuchars on the sleeper a couple of weeks ago, in a reclining seat. Found it comfortable, but only got about 4 or 5 hours sleep. Every time the train stopped I woke up, and it stopped a lot.

    You might do better in a cabin, but if they end up splitting the train in half at 2 in the morning I doubt you'll sleep through it.

    Oh, and if you're driving to Euston:

    1) leave plenty of time, I nearly missed the train

    2) book the car park in advance, it's a lot cheaper

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    When I finished the WHW one year I only had a regular ticket and tried to settle with eyes covered, a travel pillow, and earplugs, but I was in such a state that they let me have a sleeper berth foc!!  (Fort William to Crewe)

  • I did the London to Inverness in a cabin, and whilst it was at times like sleeping on a roller coaster, I loved it.  

    Had the best weekend in Scotland too, ran the marathon and then got the evening sleeper back to London.  Went straight from the train station to work. image

    Pay the extra and get horizontal.


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