running shops in southampton

want to buy my first ever pair of proper running shoes this weekend - anyone know where i should go in southampton to get some good advice on what to buy?


  • hello Susannah

    I have found no real sports shops in Southampton at all. It seems that the nearest good shop is Alexander/ra (not sure) Sports in Portsmouth. They advertise in the runners magazines so you can get a phone number, or of course try the phone book (silly me!). People in my club swear by this shop even though we live 20 miles on the wrong side of Southampton. Alexandra Sports will apparently let you run up and down the road outside the shop in the shoes that you are thinking of buying, until you have decided on what you want.

  • thanks for that katie, i've given them a phone and am going down on saturday morning to get fitted with my first proper pair! how exciting - that does mean i have to keep running now to make it worthwhile!
  • I hope you have a good time choosing! Yes, every time you look out at the dark evenings and wonder if you really want to go out running, you'll just look at those shoes and know you owe it to them! After all, they'll need the exercise! Have fun!
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