Rotary Shakespeare Marathon

haven't done this it mainly on tarmac and is it fairly flattish..........and good views or problems in the past


  • Can't really answer as I was going to do it last year and got injured. Entered for this year and double booked myself so I've got a spare entry. If you decide you want t do it they seem to allow transfers (for a £5 fee) so if you want my space and want to pay the fee then let me know.

    (If you feel like bunging me £10 or something that'd be nice but I'm not that fussed as I can't do it whatever!)

  • Hi Seren, I did this one last year and loved it.  There is one notable hill that you do twice (I say 'notable' - its not that bad but it depends on what you are used to), the second time at about 18 miles, after that there is a nice stretch of downhill - with a fab view - to recover on and then it is pancake flat with the last 5 miles or so on a hard dirt track where the railway line used to be.  Scenic route, loads of water stations, well marshalled.  It's one I'd do again if there weren't so many others out there to have a look at.

  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭

    Have ran it four times and have entered this year as is not particularly hilly as señor spam described,but the greenway surface on the second lap makes it tough going at times.Having said that it's well organised a good challenge and a nice finish area to meet up with family afterwards. I would thoroughly recommend it.

  • A few of us from Portsmouth Joggers are coming up to do it.

    First time for me but I hear the hill isnt that bad..I guess if you have been busting your backside of up to 18 it may look somewhat different of course!!

  • I think the worst part is the second lap on the Greenway, be prepared mentally, especially if the sun is out.

  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭

    Lap 2 on the greenway still gives me nightmares after 3 stratty marathons. When the sun is out its horrible but still better than the 2012 swim down the greenway!

  • image I didn't find it too bad.  I struggle with hills in the last few miles so was happy with the Greenway being flat when I needed flat.  Having said that, I don't think I've ever found miles 22-25 very savoury!

  • I've done the half before and loved it but have signed up for the full marathon this time and am very excited!  If it's warm I hope they give out the wet sponges again - they were a godsend during the hot half of 2010...

  • 4 weeks to go on Sunday...hope eveyone's training has been going well.

  • Personally, I love the Greenway; last 6 miles are gently downhill! Bring sunglasses as it gets really bright with the glare off the surface.

    It's a shock when the 1/2Mers disappear after 11.5 miles.

    Second loop is longer than the first, with an extra hill...

  • Despite what I said I got a pb on my second running of it which stood for 5 years until last year.


  • I'm about to enter.. Ran Paris on Sunday and didn't go sub four, hoping to do so here in three weeks. Got my PB here last year of 4:00:09

  • did 22.5 friday last week at 8mm auto pilot pace...just need to avoid injury / catching a cold now...dare I say it almost looking forward to it ....but with a health dose of race nerves

  • I've run the half twice and then the marathon last year.  As others have said, only one decent hill which is a bit of a drag second time round, and then the Greenway part which can be soul-destroying.  I can't see myself running it again.  The organisation (barring the last minute cancellation of the marathon in 2012 due to conditions) has always been good.

    Their course accuracy might be slightly suspect as well.  On PowerOf10 my result from last year has been regraded from Mar, to MarNAD, which apparently stands for 'Marathon Near As Dammit'.  Obviously close enough, but might be meaningful if you're using it as a qualifier for something.

  • Hi all, I haven't received my pack yet although only entered just over a week ago. Anyone know when they are due to go out as race now under a week away? Many thanks.

  • Got mine last week,

    sort of looking forward to this, but training has not been very hit and miss fear a PW 

    Good luck to all

  • Not got my pack either...grrrrrr.....rang them up and was told posted so now will have to go to the official tent before 8.15 on the day to get a teplacement number and chip....hassle I could do without when trying to get my head into race mode.

    So S3200H you may need to do the same.


  • For those waiting for packs/numbers I only entered last weekend (on the 19th), the day after my dads number came through, my number arrived in the post this morning so they may been on their way.  Handy really as I wasn't looking forward to going all the way to the info tent at the finish area just to double back to the start in town.

  • Thanks for the responses. As it turns out mine came in the post this morning. Hopefully  games monster yours is on it's way. Good luck to everyone on Sunday.

  • Mine came today too... good luck everyone!


    if anyone has an entry please give me a call on 07928450512 or email

  • Got my no now image     have you seen the forecast.....grim.....heavy rain and windy!


  • Flipping heck, I had that weather at Blackpool 3 weeks ago and it really does have an affect, I was hoping for a clear run. Good luck all

  • Looking out the office window at the lightning forks - weather forecast for the weekend looks decidely "moist" ? This will be my 3rd marathon, first at Stratford - suspect Greenway underfoot might be a bit tricky BUT a) it ain't gonna be hot which is the main thing and, b) we're doing this of our own free will don't forget !! Good luck to everyone

  • last time i tried tis 2years ago was the marathon de tempest ! Ie a rain deluge and the marathon was pulled, the greenway was a bit splashy. hmm what to wear ? vest and just run run run ? or take jacket if get cold 


  • I'll be in shorts and t shirt whatever the weather. But then I am doing the half so will only be on the road for around an hour and a half.
  • Check out the wind direction too.. The wrong way down the Greenway image.


    good luck!,

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