Live or work in Malvern???

With the festive season rapidly approaching, what are peoples thoughts / ideas on a gathering of forumites at one of the town's many watering holes, to discuss the years trials and tribulations ? Even forumites from the light side would be welcome !


  • Am I welcome?
  • Ooh ooh can I come Badge? go on let me, let me!!
  • Yippeee
    I called, you two answered

    Anybody else?
  • Oh but Barkles, you mustn't speak!!!!!
  • Don't worry Badge, I'd be there to make sure you controlled yourself ....
  • Its me who needs controlling.
    Here, while we're on the subject, I was going to say that there's quite a few localish ( S Wales , Glos, chelters and Malvern types) around.
    How about a gleeful run together. The Forest is beautiful, fairly central and stacks of boozahs. ( Geordie for pubs)
  • Excellent idea Barkles. And Foxy has never been. She'd get a very good pace up with DBreath in hot pursuit!! A gleeful run together would certainly be merry and gay.
    Can you do the MC bit and organise? A Sunday would be easiest for me. And in November, but not the 3rd. How about a few laps round the sculpture trail - then the Fox/Badger/Bear cubs/Barklets/baby Dragons etc could have fun too?
  • Can I come too please? I LOVE Malvern - probably because the Worcester Beacon is the closest thing to a mountain within easy reach of crummy Brummy. In fact, I plan to be in Malvern at some point (probably on the Sunday) on the weekend after next to hone Kevin the Teenager's climbing legs prior to the big hill in Scotland.

    Good place for a weekend get-together in late November?
  • Please Please come V-Rap, we would be most honoured. This could be a run followed by afternoon tea... or it could be more of an evening thing. I may have to be in Shropshire weekend after next, but if not we will have to meet up in a hillside cafe.
    Did some very big climbs last night - in the dark - in a red dress!! With the other red-dress bedecked ladies and gentlemen of the Malvern Hash House harriers - hilarious!! It was Foxy's 1st time out with us so it must have been quite surreal for her.
  • Wonderful! LDB, if you are going to be around that weekend, do let me know - Kevin and I would love to meet you!
  • Vrap in a red dress !, i feel a special feature and photo shoot for the December issue of RW coming on...
  • Is the pub session on or not?
  • Gareth, welcome
    Hope you don't mind me pinching your wording!!

    V-Rap, will let you know

    Barkles - we can accomodate all kinds of sessions......
  • mmmmmmmmmm!
  • So Barkles? what's the score on this (don't know whether it's the wine or not but....... Wassup?)

    Shall I get my coat?

    Ok, I'm going back to my den now!!!!!

    ps please don't remind me of my waffling in the morning!
  • LDB - in case you are still looking out for it the Mortimer Forest 10M is the 15th December.
  • I'm up for a pint or two, let me know what's planned and I'll do my best.
  • Thanks Mij - heard its pretty hard going for Badgers. But its in the diary.... We'll see. If I could bring Foxy...
  • I might be persuaded......
  • Foxy you could meet my parents!!! And all my old haunts.
  • That'll be great.......15 Dec - I'll put that in my diary now... (that's the week before my birthday)

    Have you sorted Stroud yet?
  • Ooops guess that means I'm doing it too then, thanks Muj!

    Stroud, er, shortly, my foxette
  • Just don't want to be the only one doing it after you were the one who persuaded me....
  • I know I can trust you!
  • Guess who's back!
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