IT band injury and steroid injection

I have been suffering from itbs for almost four months now. Been seeing a physio, stretching, foam rolling and doing leg strengthening exercises every morning....but it just wont go away. Anyone else had this injury for this long? What did you do to finally get rid of it? I've read you can get a steroid injection in the side of the knee, anyone had this done?




  • ca100, why would you do that? you are just masking the pain not fixing the problem.
    can you clarify where the pain is appearing and what stretches you have been doing to try and fix it image

  • Ca100

    i had a cortisone to treat itbfs. I paid for an mri which showed soft tissue swelling beneath the it band.  After intensive physio, strength work especially glutes the pain just wouldnt go, mine lasted 4 months. 

    I saw my gp who said I'd done everything possible & suggested the injection. the cortisone was put at the site of pain, I had to rest another week & hey presto pain completely gone & back running over 30 miles a week whereas before injection I couldn't run 2 miles. 

    Injection for me was amazing 


  • SlowkoalaSlowkoala ✭✭✭

    Two bouts of ITBS. One last year went after around 3 weeks of complete rest. Then second bout started in Dec and lasted around two and a half months. This time it seemed to respond by the strengthening exercises once I decided to give them one last go, doing them every day for 25 mins for 2 weeks. I do think you need to stop running to let the inflammation calm down - I also stopped foam rolling for a couple if weeks as felt that this was actually making it worse. I kept on thinking I was OK and then I'd try a run and the pain or stiffness would come on after 2-3 miles. 

    Interesting that Katy has had big success with the injection. I know it's not something you can keep having but does seem to have helped in this instance.

  • I had some rubber bands to play with and all sorts of stretching to be done every day. Helped loads, basically I had trained too hard, too soon and my connective tissue was playing catch up with my muscles.


  • If it is itbs you need to work on the muscles attached to the it band, namely the glutes and the hip flexors as they are what will be making it tight. You cant really stretch the it band much as it's tough tendon like fibre not muscle.
  • Cheers for all the advice.

    Maxs mum - pain is right on the outside of my knee. I do about 25-30 mins of strengthening exercises every day now(one leg squats, one leg deadlifts, lying glute raises, lateral leg raises, clam with a theraband, side steps with a theraband) and stretches (glutes, quads, hamstrings, calfs, hips). 

  • hi cat, what i meant by work on, was massage perhaps to loosen. its just sometimes a neglected area. if there is an imbalance in the leg anywhere (too tight or too loose) it pulls or twists the leg out of alignment and that is what contributes to the ITBS
    there is a useful video i found here which might help its a fairly old one, but makes a lot of sense.

    i would also agree with slowkoala, let the inflammation go down a bit. image

  • I do foam roll to try and loosen. And I have been to the physio a few times where he has massaged me, christ that was painful! haha. Ive not done any sort of running or cardio in weeks now, can still feel that niggle in the knee though. Incredibly frustrating.

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