Any advice on tight glut muscles 4 weeks pre-marathon?

I'm a first time marathon runner, and have been following a training programme for already fairly active people like myself since December.  I've been doing all the right things, eating well, stretching, going to yoga, using the famous foam roller, and the other Sunday just 5 miles into a 12 mile run I had to stop because my leg and back just didn't feel right.

Later that evening my leg seized up and come Monday I could barely walk. I went to the physio the following week (couldn't get an appointment any earlier) who assures me it is just a VERY tight glut muscle!

I've been foam rolling morning, noon and night, stretching and not running but it's not loosening up.  With only 4 weeks to go I'm starting to panic.  My longest run to date is 17 miles but that was at the end of February.

Any advice as to how to loosen up the legs so I can get back out training?  Is there still time to get back into and run a decent marathon?

It's so frustrating as my training was going really well!



  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Keep up the foam rollering, stretching etc but see if you can get a sports massage done. There is hope still for your marathon.

  • Get yourself one of these and google exercises for using it on the glutes. It's good for really getting in to the knots (other suppliers are available).

  • Try lying on your back, looking upwards, arms out. Draw the knees into the chest together and roll to one side- hold there for about 10secs- but keep everything else in place. Roll knees to the other side and hold there as before. Repeat 5-10 times.

    Tight glutes may be related to core issues- are you doing any core exercises such as planks? Check for suitable core exercises online.

    Good luck

  • Thanks everyone.  Will try all of the above.

    Have been doing core exercises but probably not enough - will focus on that.

    It seems to be glutes and hip flexors that are giving me trouble.

    Hoping to get out this weekend.  Was supposed to be doing an 18 miler but think I may just see how I go!

    Running Rodent - that massage ball looks rather scary!

  • Oh, it is, but in a good way image.

  • Hi All - after seeing an osteo friend it turns out my left pelvis had locked.

    Muscle tightness was a symptom of this cause.  He's loosened it off so hoping with some lower back exercises I can get back on track.

    Tried a run but think it was a bit too soon after treatment as still had pain.

    Worth noting that sometimes you are not necessarily treating the cause of the problem so proper diagnosis is key!

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