Pain down there

Gone from 40mpw to 80mpw for this marathon campaign and really giving it everything. Last month or so, I've had an ache in my testicle region as if I've been kicked there. It comes and goes. Any ideas?


  • 80mpw is a lot of bouncing about. Are you wearing any form of pants to give the bishop and his boys some support?
  • It might be a strain elsewhere that is manifesting as a pain "down there" - possibly a lower back issue? If you don't already, might be worth trying a foam roller which may highlight any issues.

  • Thanks guys I'll look at both.

  • Peter Everitt, please help. I was having a similar problem to Charles and have just taken your advice to use a foam roller. It seems to have made the pain down there much, much worse.

  • I hope you haven't foam rollered "the twins"! Foam rollering is often painful, usually the tight/painful areas are the bits to concentrate on but if you have rollered your boys then I'd imagine 1 you are now crying and 2 you won't do it again! I was thinking more back, glutes, IT band and hip joints. I've had a similar problem that manifested as right lad pain which was actually a pain in the lower part of my spine (which I hadn't noticed until I rollered) which was causing tightness in most of the previously mentioned areas. A couple of weeks of regular rolling sorted it for me.

    Good luck to both of you.

  • I would have thought any kind of pain in ones nether region was a sign to visit a Dr rather than an internet forum  image

  • Prostatitis?

    Definitely worth getting it checked out as it can last for some time.

  • most doctors seem to be pretty hopeless in identifying what causes pains anywhere.  If you have broken something or are leaking blood all over then that seems to be more in their comfort zone.  That's my experience anyway!  

    That said, suggestions to squish your nuts on a foam roller as above might just be a bit tongue in cheek!  image

  • No one as far as I'm aware is suggesting squishing nuts with a foam roller - quite the opposite!! It's painful enough along the IT band!

    Agree with the sentiment re doctors although it certainly would be sensible taking M...eldy's advice if it has gone on for a while.

  • DH had something similar - turned out to be an infection.  Some areas you don't want to mess with..... there was an incident with 'some' swelling when he left it a  bit too long to go to the docs. (any Viz fans care to guess what I called him for a week or so)

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭
  • I was occasionally getting pain in that region a couple of years ago. Went to the doctor, didn't establish the cause but did at least rule out anything serious.

    I eventually worked out that it was a combination of wearing a belt and the seating position in my car putting pressure on the area just above my genitals. I (mostly) stopped wearing a belt and haven't had any problems since.

  • Could be a Sports Hernia, has a tendency to give "pain down there".


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