Dart 10K

After my let down in the Brownsea Island swim, image which sold out in 3 hours and not the 48 I was led to believe it would image (bitching over), I was determined not to lose out on this one.  Got my missus to agree to do no work from 6:30am until she'd registered me for the Dart.  

Well, after some initial panic- 2 cards were declined for some godforsaken reason- it all went through image  I'm in image  When I got home at 1pm (6 hours after registration opened), the event was full.  I knew it would be.  I knew that 48 hours talk was BS.  Any decent event these days and you've got to sit there the second registration enters, card in hand.

Anyway.... I've got 6 months to improve from being plastered after 1500M to being able to knock out 10, 000M.  Uh oh, what have I done image

Who else is in?  Anyone get caught out by the 'blink and you'll miss it' registration?



  • Faithsdaddy wrote (see)

     I knew that 48 hours talk was BS.  Any decent event these days and you've got to sit there the second registration enters, card in hand.

    Then why go on about it like it was the event organiser's fault?

    Good luck on the training. Does look a fun event that I want to do someday

  • I think one and a half lines isn't really 'going on', plus I didn't say it was their fault.  However, since you asked image -they said if I signed up to their facebook page they would say when registration opened, which they never did.  I had commited to booking holiday off of work for it though (which we have to do a year in advance), so that's a wasted week I can't spend with the kids.

    Anyway, I've said all I want to say on that now.  Would rather hear who's doing it, wants to do it, etc image

  • It was sold out by 10:30am image

  • Wowsers image I was curious how quickly it filled up.

    Was it you I saw on my 'other' thread, who's entered?  What sort of time are you looking at? I'm thinking 3 hours plus for myself.  Just aiming to do it.

  • I am not doing it, but I know two people who are and I will be going down to support them image

  • I have just posted on your other thread about a 5k swim I know of, but don't know if it will be any good for you timing-wise

  • Ah yes, saw that one.  I'm away then.  Thanks for the thought though image

  • I'm in, one of the 2 that Schmunks knows doing it.  5k's OK how much more trouble can another 5 beimage

  • Quite right ITB!  How hard can it be?  image  

    Did it last year so am 'assisting' in some capacity this year, so will no doubt see you lot at some stage!

    It is good fun, but very pricey!  I've just been looking at the Windermere one way swim which is even more!  £100 with your own kayaker or £180 to get one 'supplied'!!  image  Don't think I'm that desperate to do it just yet!!  image

  • Prince- I've been eyeing the Windermere swim up too.  I'll see how this one goes, then MAY look at it for next year.  It does sound really lovely.

  • I think I'll have to persuade one of my boys to do some paddling for me!!  image  I might pay him some money, but doubt it'll be close to the £80 they are asking for!!  image

  • I've just spotted the comment about declined cards, mine was too to start with guessing that we hit it when it was too busy processing other payments.

    I'm hoping about 3 hours depending on current, I seem to remember Siggy had a nice helping current last yearimage  I'm just debating which distance to do at Outlaw on the Saturday, it might have to be 5 really.

    Was it you asking about Guildford swims at some point FD?  If so you probably aren't too far from me and I'll be lake swimming when they open if you want to join some.  My usual lake buddy is off on a 9 month sabbatical in south America, lucky him!

  • In the blue- 'twas I.  I'm looking to start OW swimming ASAP, which should be Thorpe Park in early April.  lf you'd like to meet up, go for a swim, etc, just let me know image

  • I'm in and will also be heading off to Thorpe for some much needed training. My card declined on first go too. Can't wait!
  • I'm planning to go to as many different lakes as possible (Nr Guildford)- know about Thorpe, the one in Reading (by the lake hotel), Shepperton, Wraysbury, Sandhurst and Mytchett.  Any others in the vicinity that you know of?


  • Tallow - also has a bar
  • That should read taplow
  • Tallow - also has a bar
  • Thanks. We're going to Henley this year, so I'll check it out.

  • I'm up for Thorpe as it is my lake of choice unless it happens to be a Sunday morning when Mytchett wins as it takes minutes to get there image  I never did get to Taplow last year but will make the effort if for nothing else the night swims.

    Which one does swimming in Sandhurst FD?

  • ITB- I like Mytchett, but by mid season the reeds get a bit much.  By the end of the season all they had left was a thin 400M up and down strip that wasn't affected.

    Got this off the NOWCA website

  • Yes I'm hoping to get to a full moon Swim this year. Otherwise it will be Thorpe or sheperton
  • I'm thinking of swimming the river Wey from Godalming to Guildford nearer the time as a training swim.  It's about 7Km. If anyone digs out this thread nearer the time and wants to join me, just let me know.  There is a towpath the whole way and it's nice scenery, so your mates/ SO can walk alongside you.


  • Boing!

    I did my first open water swim of the year on Saturday. Lake was 14 degrees and tolerable for a short session. Loved it.

    In other news, taplow lake isn't operating this year but datchet lake are putting in better showers and changing, added dye to the lake to stop weeds and might be putting in Swim lanes that will be open at all times. Sounds good. image
  • And still the taste of the aviation fuel!!  I was out in the sea today for a nice swim.  Still a bit cold, but at least it was calm! The only worry is that the area seems to have had a few incidents where seals have 'accompanied' a few swimmers and nipped their feet!  Still, should encourage a quicker swim!!  image

  • You need all the encouragement you can getimage

    Might consider Datchet but how do swim lanes work in a lake?  Surely the whole point is to practise sightingimage

  • Better than sharks siggy!
  • Agree blue but I'd rather have a 60m lake labe than a 25m pool one.
  • Better than sharks siggy!
  • At the moment I look a bit like a whale so not actually had the 'experience' yet! But, yes, better than a shark Soupy! image

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