Jubilee River Swim

Has anyone done this? I missed out on the Dart 10K and was pointed in the direction of this swim as an alternative image 



  • I have had privilege of swimming 10Ks in some of Suffolk's stunning local rivers.  The events having been coordinated by passionate locals to raise awareness of countryside or estuary related issues, with some fundraising as an aside.

    With the kind of safety support to stiffen the trouser leg of even the most vigilant H&S executive, these events have cost no more than £15-£20 per head for the 30-50 participants.  Out of that, some money ended up going to an outfit who preserve the local estuary and participants received a commemorative gift (even though the experience itself was enough).

    It's for that reason perhaps that my eyes popped out of their sockets and rolled across my desk when I saw the £65 entry fee!

    I suggest the professional interrogation of tide tables and a sea swim along a coastline, with the support of the local lifeguards / RNLI, in exchange for a whip-round from the Pirates, is far more appropriate use of your pocket money?!

  • I thought it was expensive! I've not really looked too much into these events though, so didn't really have a 'sensible' benchmark to use. Perhaps I'll keep looking... 

  • You do get a great medal and me as your timekeeper/marshall!! (as a volunteer I may add!!).

    I don't want to get into pricing discussions but I will say I do a few events organised by this lot and they always seemed ok value for money compared to other companies.

  • Mr F did it last year, I did part of the relay, it was super.

  • Dart 10K was £75 last year (similar this year I think?).  One way swim in Windermere (10 miles) with your own kayak support is £100 and if you can't supply your own one will be provided for £180!  None of these swimming events are cheap!

    On the OSS Farcebook page there was a company who also organise 10K swims up or down the Dart (at different times to the OSS one), but they didn't say how much they charged!!

  • Final RVFinal RV ✭✭✭

    I have a team entered in this, in fact we are a man or woman down currently.  So if anyone fancies joing a team and swimming 1 of the legs please do get in touch.  The 3.5k leg is bagsied already by the way!

  • Bookie how do you feel about doing it as a team? I cant do the 10k it's a bit beyond me tbh but I'd be okay doing it as a team - 20 pounds doesnt seem too much then?

  • I'm really looking for something long Buttercup! I can swim 5k comfortably, so a step up would be nice image 

    I wonder if you can do multiple parts of a relay?

    Perhaps the price isn't too bad in the grand scheme of things...

  • You can do more than one leg so I think you could get to 6K.

  • Bookie - yes you can - you can have a relay team of two if you wish

  • I really want to do the whole thing. As a one off I think I can stretch to £65 image 

    What's the water like? Currents, water condition, etc.?

  • As its an artificial river the currents are quite gentle, but are enough to help you along. The end of each section is at a weir - where there's drinks and cake. The last two years the water's been nice and clear(ish).

    And the real positive is if you do it, Cake and I are can get drunk image

  • I'm not quite sure how that's a positive... image

  • image Will bring single malt.

  • Not if you plan on swimming it Cakey m'boy image 

    Best decide if I'm going to enter...

  • image I would then I can plan on joining you. Can't I just get some wine stick it in the camelbac and meet Raf half way down the river then?

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