Out of London - is Edinburgh a possibility

I started my marathon training in August last year and to be honest I should have chilled out a little.  Was running London but have had to pull out as I damaged my adductor (small tear) and kept running (didnt know it was that bad).

I did a 22 miler (35 mpw) followed by a 13 step down the next week and slipped a couple of times so that either did it or aggrevated the issue.  That was 2 weeks ago and I have another week of rest but have been cross training well. Long runs since feb are 16, 18, 19, 20 and 22.

Physio suggests i "could" go for edinburgh (I have a place) at end of May with 8 weeks to get back into something like a long run.   I did so much training but know I have to build up again.

Any advice on if this sounds silly and maybe to aim for an autumn marathon instead.  I was aiming for 3:45 but if adjust to just finishing my first marathon is this possible - on my calculations (and everything going well longest run of 16-18 max i reckon 3 weeks out)

Want to do it but want to enjoy it also.  For the 8 weeks any ideas on long run build up i should try out?  I think my physio is nuts when she thinks i can really just pick up my plan again as my first long run according to her would be 15.  Maybe I just need to man up (as Nick Windsor would say ; ) )




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    Shed you can walk and complete your first marathonimage 

    heck you have another week of rest you can still do Londonimage 


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    You've done a 20 and a 22 already!! so your taper was a bit early image

    Use London as a LSR and make Edinburgh your target for a decent time, but still soak up the London vibe / racket (depending on your point of view (I'm in the vibe camp)).

    Seriously, if you have 8 running weeks to Edinburgh when you come back, then 2-3 week taper gives you 5-6 weeks. Do a long run every other weekend with a medium long run the alternate weekends. Ed is a downhill marathon isn't it? so less hillwork maybe and more speedwork? or do a lot of practise going downhill as some say that's harder on their calves so you might need to get some extra practise in.

  • Some are happy with finishing their first marathon; others are hell-bent on finishing in a certain time. Decide what you are happy with and then go for Edinburgh or Autumn based on the training needed. Provided you recover sensibly, there is plenty of time to train for Edinburgh to 'get round'. 

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    Heck hadn't checked this post - been too busy being miserable and drinking wine!

    thanks Booktrunk, Nick and Also-ran.  Out of London so just edinburgh.  Im not recovered by any manner of means yet but booktrunk you have given me serious hope.  until i read this i'd given up.  3rd week of non running, wine and kebabs.  Is that a taper image

    Booktrunk - can i ask a couple of questions.  What kind of long run should i aim to get up to - 16? been a month since my 22.  And what do i start back on next week for first long run - if i listen to my body id do a mile and a half and then...well you can tell from the last 3 weeks!  I just read you original post on your first ever marathon ... time i manned up and got my finger out! Advice welcome image

    I think my injury i can cope with but can you believe ive got sore shin from NOT running!!?? probably related mind as whole leg was pretty knackered.

    Thanks ss always Dr Nick (I know ... but you obviously read a lot of medical journals so that's good enuff for me) .

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    Sent you a message image 

    good luck, seriously there is nothing to stop you except for your self belief. You'll have a good race in Edinburgh 

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