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  • So guys, I need to know your names, estimated time at Mudchute, what you will be wearing (photo preferably) and what special needs you require from us or will be leaving at Expo.  I'll start:

    SuperCaz, but you can call me Caz
    ETA at Mudchute:  about 8am
    I will be in running tights and my SuperCaz pirate top
    I require cake and wine to be supplied at Mudchute



  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I will just shout and wave as I go past as usual, thanks for organising, Caz.

    Shimmy I will be in my club vest as on my fb picture can't wait to see you!



  • Thank you so much for this!

    I am Elaine.  I'll be running in a Help the Hospice vest with Elaine on it, have a bum bag and black 3/4 leggings.  ETA: not sure, but I am aiming for sub 6, so I am going to be a slow one.  What I require: friendly faces, a hug and maybe a couple of jelly babies-nothing special.  Many thanks once again!

  • Sorry what I meant to say was I won't be leaving any special needs with you.  I am sure any hug, encouragement will be special.  Thank you!

  • Morning " stands up to address group"

    Tiptoes, running in Reading Roadrunner vest (green with blue stripe) as per pic or as per attached if you can not see it.

    Easy to spot, have chain and padlock round neck.

    A hug if one is going.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭

    Hoping I actually see the support this year. I look like I do in my profile pic. I may be warring a green t-shirt with "Millsy" on the front. I can't find it at the moment though. Also not sure what time I will be coming through as am running an Ultra the week before. I will have to confirm a bit closer to the date.

    I won't be needing anything specific.
  • OPPS  Should be approx 2.30 - 2.40 Hours after start. all going well

  • Thanks guys.  I'm keeping track of all the info.

    Shimmy is a bit preoccupied with domestic stuff at the moment, so she might not get on here much, but I am in contact with her and she will be there to help me deliver hugs on the day

  • Hi, thanks for all this. Mile 16 has been a difficult time for me in all my previous 3 marathons so support will make all the difference. Thank you!

    I will be wearing a purple/pink/white cancer research t shirt with SARAH on it (Lily not real name!) and black running trousers/shorts to the knee. I am nearly 6 feet tall. Will try to put an up to date pic on next week. At mo plan to carry my gels etc but will think about that one. Support will be great! I wonder if you need our numbers?

    Time at Mudchute.......hoped for....3hrs as hoping for 11.5 min miles and 5-5.15 marathon time..




  • I've not bothered to ask for numbers this year as to be honest you all run past too quickly for us to see them!

  • Hi All, I am delighted to be assigned to join Group 2. I am told it is a special group and that is perfect bearing in mind last time I ran this I missed the Mudchute supporters and to this day imagine my bottle of SIS still being there by the curbside.  Can you all shout a bit louder please this year!!

    I am running for The Brain Tumour Charity and just to make myself stand out even further will run with the yellow and black Pirates cap proudly doffed on my head.

    Expecting to finish in just under 4:00:00 (about 3:59:59) so that makes me at Mudschute at goodness knows what time but reckon on 12.45.

    Special needs include shouting "get your ar**e in gear Bedders", jelly babies and if I can meet up before hand a SIS gel with bucket loads of caffeine which I will gladly provide.

    What else can I do to help before the event? I'll be at the expo on Friday and can hang around if needed.  

    Caz and your team - you are a star. 


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I will be there at about 12:15 ish, looking forward to it image


  • Bedders, just leave your gel at the RW stand at Expo, or I might still have last years around somewhere.

    Not much left to organise before hand now, except the supporters.  I'm having trouble finding my kit list...

  • Thanks will do. Just nipping out for my last LSR before VLM back in 3 hours....

  • Just done my first half marathon in 2 years.  It hurt but not as much as I thought it would.  Was just leaving the car park to come home afterwards when the hail started.  Perfect timing.

    Can't believe that once I ran marathons.  How the hell did I manage that?  Respect too all of you

  • Well done SC image

  • Any more information from people?  I'll only have intermittent internet access for the next week so I will try to keep up to date with everyone but if I go quiet then it doesn't mean that I am ignoring you!

  • Roll up Roll up!  Any more for any more?

    I got to meet the lovely 'I heart medals' for the first time yesterday.  Looking forward to meeting the rest of you

  • woooo hooooooooooo i found you, thank you, was great to meet you and a lovely weekend 

    well u now know what I look like, I know where to find you at mudchute ( as I  used you previously ) for anyone who is unsure as soon as you hit the speed ramps ( they are the only ones in the marathon ) then look to your right and you should see the supporters 

    If you see the sign for mudchute railway station on the left you have gone to far!! 

    I have no idea what i'll be wearing yet as been sponsored by lucozade and they apparently made a mess of printing my name on my  top I mean how hard can it be to print JO lol

    the top i'm told is navy blue I'm thinking of trying to spruce it up so supporters along the way can see me but not sure what yet so will keep you posted I will be sorting out something this week Think bright colours lol

  • I will get to Mudchute in 2015 as I'm defering. You've always been so great in previous years, but even the thought of seeing friendly faces there isn't enough for me to run this year image

  • Sorry to hear that Nykie.  I'll reserve you a space for next year image


    Tapir Madnerss.................

  • Here we go. This is what you need to look out for next Sunday Caz (poor you!). I have my name "Ian" now on the shirt but I am assuing the Pirate cap will be the first thing to be seen. Will drop of a gel at the expo on Friday labelled up etc.. Many, many thanks




  • Nykie Sorry to hear that. image

  • Thanks Bedders.  I'm going to start packing all the stuff up this weekend so that I don't discover at the last minute that I am short of something

  • /members/images/659958/Gallery/10177356_306848122797329_967855051_n.jpg

     hooray my top finally came through this is my top I'll try and do another pic once i've worked out what i'm wearing with it but supercaz knows what I look like anyway so hopefully i'll be running up to you anyway without you having to spot me 

  •  I tried to load a picture and was told it was too big! Any tips of how to put a photo on please ? Thanks.


  • Oh blimey, I'm rubbish with technology.  I'll send you my email address and you can pop it across to me.  Does that sound easier?

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I will be wearing the usual Caz will you recognise me?


  • Black leather and a whip then Mr P?

    If anybody wants it I am willing to share my mobile number with the group in case of any emergencies on the day, or even just for a bit of reassurance.  Let me know if you want it

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