Sickly girl

Can anyone tell me how to avoid post-training nausea?

I've just had 2 weeks off all training due to injury and last night went to the gym for an hour of cardio. Afterwards I felt really, really sick. I managed to eat most of the dinner my beloved had slaved away over a hot stove to prepare whilst I was in the gym, but then was consigned to either perching over the loo retching or lying on my bed with a big washing up bowl for the rest of the night.

Is this just due to my current lack of fitness or can I do something to avoid it? (Or should I congratulate myself on trainig so hard!) What are your experiences of this?


  • Generally speaking, post exercise nausea is fairly short-lived so if you wre ill all night, sounds as if you've picked up a little bug. My guess is its just coincidence. Going to your earlier thread about feeling grumpy and lardy., you must stop this. Dwarves have rights as well you know.
  • Funny you should say that - last night Mr RB and myself were trying to remember the names of all 7 of Snow Whites dwarves to decide which was most appropriate or each of us!
  • Sounds like Mr RB had a fantastic night!! You didnt say if you are still ill.
  • No, not sickly at all this morning. I'm inclined to think its connected with the way I trained (like not having done for 2 weeks and then going a bit too hard). I'm back at the gym again tonight, so we'll see how I feel afterwards.

    Mr RB definitely did not have the best evening. Having been such a love preparing a nice dinner for me, which I couldn't appreciate he was left with a lots of kitchen tidying/washing up to do and a poorly RB! I'll be in big trouble if I repeat that performance tonight!
  • Have you seen the thread "sean fishpools guide to HRM's in plain English"?? God help us if they ever try to blind us with science!!
  • Er... started reading it but decided it was far too complicated for a newbie like me. Gave up about half way down the first post. Maybe I'll get worried about things like this once I've stopped seeing easy rewards just by getting a bit fitter!
  • Its a bit complicated full stop.You can always tell the serious threads. The messages are all at least 20 lines long and everyone uses their real name. Not for the likes of us clearly.
  • I have to admit that some of my messages do get rather long (mostly 'cos I ramble). I must admit to enjoying the frivolous threads as you suggest! Maybe we don't use our real names so that we can hide our childish amusement at such subjects as bottom burps behind psuodonyms.

    (Please note use of words of more than one syllable in this post!)
  • Time to go home. Take it easy at the gym tonight!
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