Ladies Tri Short

Can any ladies recommend a good tri short for middle distance events?
So no change tent so no putting on cycling shorts in T1 option but 56 miles on the bike so need something with a decent ladies pad in them.
My personal preference is a wide non draw string waist band often referred to as yoga style.
I wondered what you ladies wore and would recommend? 


  • I like the 2xu ones but I think they do have a drawstring. If you get the endurance ones (I think) they have a pocket on each leg too which is great for carrying gels and an inhaler without them bouncing around in your jersey pocket.

  • I'm dong a middle in August and had intended to wear a Tri Suit.  Not helpful really.

  • I have used pirate shorts for all distances...i do all my cycling in tri shorts.....sugio are good and I get on with the more miles but i think both have drawstrings..but never hjad a problem with that......the padding isn't great but you really want minimal padding or it will get socking lie a nappy in the swim and stick out during the run

  • 2xu for me. Seren makes a good point about the padding.

  • I second the 2xu ones I wear them all the time and they are good for keeping my wobbly bits none wobbly image

  • I used Sugio for Henly Half last year and as long as you ride, swim and run in them before hand then they are very comfy.

    The Sugoi did have a draw string but the first thing i do is pull it out, not required as shorts have a slight compression fit, or I'm just wearing a size too small for me !

  • 2XU or Sugoi Piston Tri for me ...

  • Or to look at 2XU and Sugoi gear thanks for all the suggestions. image

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