MBNA Chester Marathon 2014

Hi all , anyone else doing/done this one ?
Going to be my first marathon ..... Really exited and scared all at same time !


  • If I don't come out of London Marathon absolutely hating it there's a good chance I'll do this one.

  • Doing it this year, not done it before though but I am localish so know the course well.

    Good luck with the training Heather.

    See you in London sra , getting close now.

  • I have done it twice and back again This year.  Superb organisation and good support in the local villages.

    You will love it!!

  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭

    3rd time for me one of best out there. Lovely quick course and superbly organized. Great choice HeatherS 

  • Hi all ! thanks for the replys , hotel booked and looking forward to starting training in June ....guess that will be the summer taken care of !!! I have been told there are a couple of hills along the way on this one !

  • Hi, am thinking of entering this one for a fast Autumn marathon,  can anyone advise on how flat this is?  Thanks

  • Not as flat as advertised image

  • There is only one real hill of any significance at mile 22/23.  It's a fairly sharp one but not particularly long.  I found the course to be pretty much flat other than that.

  • Trouble is that hill is just in the wrong place. Great event though and I got a PB, but not the time I was hoping for, was much warmer than expected last year though

  • Thanks guys.....feedback appreciated image

  • You will enjoy it Heather,i've done 4 marathons now and 2 of them were here! i could be doing a 3rd this year if plans for Loch Ness fall through. Fantastic support at the start and finish and through the small villages, perfect organisation and 2 steepish but short hills thrown it which are over with before you know it. A massive recommendation i could make as well would be to run with the pacing groups for whatever time you're hoping for,they know the course inside out and know when to go a little quicker to save them valuable seconds for the 2 hills. You really will enjoy it,just read the reviews to see that image good luck and enjoy

  • Thanks boothy good advice much appreciated , will def make use of pacers if there is one slow enough ! Race predictor time comes up at 4:20 although I expect will be slower . My big worry is finishing before cut off time image !! 

  • dont be mad! course you'll make the cut off limit! and with it being your first marathon dont even think about a time, just use it to get round the course,complete it and look back on an amazing achievement. Remember when you cross the line,it wasn't just about the 26.2 miles you did on the day but all the effort and time you put in over the previous weeks and months.

  • Thanks again appreciate as much advice as I can get ! had a look on race web site and pacers every 15 mins up to 5 hours image

  • Heather - IMO you chose well.

    Very well organised and the support staff and locals cheering you on is amazing. I was lucky it was my first (and possibly only one unfortunately).

    It is mainly flat but I really did feel the hills at the end. You'll be fine and will get through them but they are longer (IMO) than I expected based on what I'd read beforehand. Don't let that put you off but best to be warned.
  • Thanks Ed will bare that in mind , fortunately cant get away from hills on my runs I have more probs finding flat routes !! Respect the advice though and will def keep up the hill training image

  • Ps sorry to hear it may have been your first and last marathon , I guess I will see how it goes on this one being my first ....I may want to burn my trainers after it !!

  • Don't get me wrong the majority is flat - just a few (including me) were caught out as told it was just one small hill and there was more than we expected. Sure you'll be great though

    It's only my last one as had to have a slipped disc sorted and fusion in my neck so not risking another Mara. Well not yet anyway - although have just booked in for a half Mara in July image
  • Ouch...good luck with your recovery Ed and good luck with half mara training hope all goes well for you.

  • I did Chester last year and it's fabulous. I was in pain from an injury all the way round and still loved it.

    I don't like training for an autumn marathon, so said no more. Then I entered Chester again on New Year's Eve. Oops image

  • MadbeeMadbee ✭✭✭

    Seriously considering this one...  I'm not making any decisions until after Edinburgh, but I've definitely got my eye on Chester image

  • SEdanSEdan ✭✭✭

    I've signed the wife and me up for this one.

    18 week training plan starts first week of June - until then base building and a bit of last minute speed work to prep for the Liverpool RnR HM on 25 May (not a goal race).

    I got 3:22 in Dublin around the same time last year (my first) so will be seeing how much time I can chip off that. Don't know if it is a bit too early to think of London GFA times (3:05)!

  • Hi all , I'm planning on using intermediate VLM training plan over 17 wks for this race starting 8th June ,hopefully this will be ok unless anyone else got any other recommendations as this will be my first marathon ....please image !!

  • I was debating over whether to run this one or Dublin as my first marathon, but I'm going to plump for this one as not only will it be cheaper to attend (no flights) but also it's one night in a hotel as opposed to three so will be able to feel a bit more 'settled' pre-race.

    Got a few weeks before starting the proper training plan so just ticking over now with a few runs a week just keeping my arm (or should that be leg?) in. I'm going to try that Hal Higdon plan - Novice 2. I've done 10k's and half marathon's before, that one looks like the more sensible one to get me round. Would love to go sub 4.30. Half pb is 1.56 so going on the basis of double it and add half an hour, I'd hopefully do it!

  • Hi Lord Boz, had a look at the Hal Higdon plan looks like a fairly straightforward plan, I will prob stick to VLM plan as fits in with x training on non run days .  I'm also ticking over until training starts with my longest wkly run of 8 miles. Got to say I'm struggling to run at the mo rapefields in flower and playing havoc with my asthma ....just having to run slower ! Hopefully will be over worst by time training kicks in !! 

    Good luck with your training image

  • My hamstrings have been a bit of a source of pain the last few weeks so the next few weeks gives me the chance to sort them out prior to the run. The running plan is pretty much a meat and potato one for me to get me to the finish line sub 4.30 bbut more importantly just finish it!
  • Totally agree, to finish would be good ! Race predictor gives me similar time although I expect will be slower, but for a first marathon as long as I I'm back before cut off  and before everyone's packed up and gone home I will be happy !!

  • Plunge taken and have entered the Chester Marathon. First 6.4 miler run this afternoon in a rather leisurely 64 mins. Have hardly run since North Lincs half just over two weeks ago, so the next few weeks will be getting back into the routine of it again.

    Going to go for the Hal Higdon training plan - novice 2, with possibly the speed elements of the Bupa intermediate plan. Either way, it's a lot of miles and new trainers needed!

    Roll on Oct 5th! imageimage

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