Loch Ness marathon 2014

Thought I'd kick a Loch Ness Marathon 2014 blog up. I signed up today having run it last year. So who's in?



  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    *pointedly looks the other way*


  • All signed up here too image I did 4:55:02 last year and provided I go sub 4:30 at Lochaber in a couple of weeks my training may well be for a sub 4.

  • I'm in.  Quite a few people here doing it too

  • Hurray! I thought for a while I'd be running it on my own for a while there!

    Nessie: Does that mean your going to make a showing this year?

    Andi good to see you back for more. Hope Lochaber goes well. Taking big chunks of time there.

    Nurse Rached: Let's see how many people we can get on board!

    I just got back from a 5 mile tempo in heavy rain. My nipples are a little sore. Will I ever learn. Note to self..........tape them up....always.........OUCH!

  • Hi again Alastair, I'm pretty confident about Lochaber and 4:30 but LN and 4 hours maybe a touch optimisticimage

    Are you doing Paris the  same day?

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    I saw that!!! Sub 4 ..... meeps 

  • Just said it  to scare you Booktrunk image One second faster than you will suffice!

  • I'm in. It'll be my first.

  • I'm doing the Milton Keynes marathon in May and ashmei Thames marathon in June.

    I hope the weather for LNM is as good as last year. I think the start area could be quite bleak if it's bad.  I managed 3:51 last year but got my pacing all wrong so it would be nice to get into the 3:40s. (3:49:59 that means)

  • I've ran it last year (my first marathon) and sort of broke it down into 4 sections, about 8 miles downhill with a couple of hills, 10(ish) miles that were flat/undulating, 'the 2 mile hill' out of Dores then the final 10k home.

    I'll be creating my training plan in the next few weeks and will be HADDing again image For me the hill out of Dores was the worst bit so have programmed the final 9 miles into my treadmill to practise it.

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    I haven't signed up yet but I'm going to do it again, like Andi I've got to get Lochaber done and dusted first hoping to go sub 3:50 the current PB is 4:02.  For me the hill at Dores was tough 2 miles of climb but not overly steep the smaller one a couple of miles down the road at Scaniport was not as enjoyable.

    Great event though image

  • I'm still toying with the idea of running LN again. I've done it the last 2 years and will probably sign up again. It's a great event and a lovely part of the world. I definitely need to do more hill training this year though. Last year the Dores hill kicked my arse!

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    hummmm I'm sure Andi said 'twas downhill! image 

  • booktrunk wrote (see)

    hummmm I'm sure Andi said 'twas downhill! image 

    I think I said it was a negative incline so more downhill than uphill image Mind you, living where you do we probably have different ideas of what undulating means hehe 

  • I'm in for this one... depending on how things go in edinburgh in may. If I survive, I'll be signing up. Not so keen on the hilly part of this though, it scares me!

  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭
    Pineapple toastie wrote (see)

    I'm in for this one... depending on how things go in edinburgh in may. If I survive, I'll be signing up. Not so keen on the hilly part of this though, it scares me!

    As long as you do the training I wouldn't worry too much.  The course wasn't as hilly as I was expecting it to be and Dores hill although tough being mile 19 or so wasn't too bad in my book.

  • Managed 22 this morning and found a great stretch of "The Ridgeway"'. Road kill count was 2 badgers, 1 rabbit and a mouse. Two big weeks before the big weeks end. I'm now starting to feel fatigued now. Gotta hang on in there.

    Hope everyone is on course. Does any know how many subways are on the course?

  • Alastair, do you mean the Sandwich Shop or the under the road subway? either way the answer is noneimage

    I have a week before Lochaber then a month of recovery before I start my 21 week plan (The Lochaber result will probably help me decide on my LN goal time).

    No roadkill sightings for me but did see an Otter just before I set out, a few Raptors and plenty of Deer image

  • does anyone have any advice on where to stay?  I'll be running and my wife and daughter will be enjoying inverness...would the festival thingy be interesting for them?

  • Andi: just shows you how fatigued I am, when I talked about subways, I thought I was posting on the Milton Keynes forum! However maybe LNM should set up some sandwich stations on course. A picnic table, cakes and soft drinks. You deffinately win on the wildlife front.


  • lol Alastairimage Booktrunk has done MK so should pop along soon to answer.

    I'm very tired as well and just hoping a few (more) early nights is all I need for Sunday.

    I did see a picture of some runners at LN a few years ago that had afternoon tea around the halfway markimage

    As for the wildlife I was on the treadmill today and still managed to see a Sea Eagle glide past (doesn't happen often mind).

  • That's just bragging! The best I can manage is being repeatedly dive bombed by a buzzard. The proper wild life doesn't venture south of the border (he says bracing himself from an onslaught of "I've a wild tiger in my back garden and I live in Slough"!)


  • Andi McGill 2 wrote (see)


    As for the wildlife I was on the treadmill today and still managed to see a Sea Eagle glide past (doesn't happen often mind).

    Are you on the west coast of Scotland?  I'm on the NE coast.  During last nights run, I heard a roe deer running across the clearing, the owls calling and what I think was a hedgehog snuffling in the leaves by the church yard, but oddly I didn't stop to find out!

  • lol at Slough Alastairimage

    Pete, your correct (almost), I live on East Coast of Mull so look at the West Coast of Scotland. We have Red Deer and get large groups of them in and around the Garden. Hedgehogs are noisy wee beasts!

  • Alright enough bragging. I'm in Swindon actually. Just used Slough as somewhere that may have less wildlife than Swindon!!!!

    I have to make do with a couple of trips a year to my brother who lives just north of the Cairngorms. Hence my entry to the Loch Ness marathon.

    Andi: I assume you have run The Mull of Kintyre half a few times. Is it as good as the reports suggest?

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    I'm confused I could have sword I answered this question!!!!

    they have changed the course so it has less red route and less of the subways, some still I assume, but less image

  • Only run 1 half (Mull) and until Sunday only the one Marathon (LN) so still a newbie at this. I have a friend in Cambletown so might think about that next year thanksimage

  • Thank Booktrunk, that's cleared that up!

    Did the most dreadful twenty miler yesterday.Left foot and ankle are hurting and I tried out a new rucksack which was a bad idea, as it rubbed my neck.

    I'm thinking about taking a couple of days off from running to let my foot settle down. But I don't want to disrupt my plan in the last week before the taper. 

    Any suggestions? 

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    join a trial gym membership for a week and do some treadmill running? 

    Or try to run cross country usually lest impact.

    third suggestion a couple of days cycling or if a local swimming pool, running in the water?  

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