Help with Target Times

Quick history:
- I started running seriously in June, aiming to finish the Great North Run in under 2:15
- I did a 10k on 14 July (i.e. after 6 weeks training) and completed in 1:03
- I finished the GNR in 2:13:44 :-)))))) I could have run it considerably faster, I'm guessing 5 minutes, if I'd pushed on a bit (I ran the last four miles at 9:40 pace - which would be a 2:06 race)

I'm now trying to set some objectives to keep me motivated over the next few months. I want my targets to be realistic so I'd really appreciate any opinions about whether I'm setting them too high. Any ideas for speed tests that I could perform now to see if these targets are realistic would also be useful.

Objective 1: Complete a 5k in less than 26:30 before end of June 2003.

Objective 2: Complete a half marathon in less than 2 hours before end of June 2003.

Objective 3: Complete a 10k in less than 50 minutes before the end of 2003.

What do you think?



  • I think "Oh my God, I wish I could do that!" Well done!
  • They're excellent objectives, Millipede, and all are entirely realistic (they bear a scary resemblance to my own targets), but the timescale is fairly long. What about some sort of intermediate objective for one or two of them? Cracking 2:08 for a half-marathon before the end of this year, for example, or achieving some sort of target in a different sport such as swimming.
  • I had some problems with tendons in my calves during training and I'm keen to get over them completely before going for any of my objectives - so I'm not going to plan to do any serious mileage for the rest of this year. I'm thinking that the half marathon attempt might be the Hastings in mid March - a twelve week run up to that would start in late December, which sounds about right.

    Your point about swimming is good. I've been swimming 1000m, alternating breast stroke and crawl, three times a week for the last few weeks to maintain aerobic fitness while being unable to put in the running miles I would like due to the tendon problems. I shall add an objective accordingly:

    Objective 4: To swim 1000m crawl in less than 25 minutes before the end of 2002.

  • Thanks Millipede. You've motivated me to set some goals for myself. I hope you don't mind if I use yours as the basis!
  • How about some sort of 'keeping going' targets to get you through the winter whilst not stressing your calves (eg x miles a month, or y hours running a month/week)
  • I dunno Nick - I don't feel very motivated by miles of hours of training. It's the results that get me going. An intermediate goal of being able to run 1 mile in 8 minutes or something would be a good one - but I have no feeling for how fast would be a sensible goal at the moment.

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