I was hoping you'd be able to help me with the dark art of diet. I started training 8 weeks ago for my first half marathon, which I did in 1hr 41mins at the weekend which I was pleased with seeing I've never done much exercise before and haven't been overly sporty

Next week I start my 16 week training for my Olympic Triathlon, I didn't change my diet for my HM training and to be honest the weight has been falling off me like a junkie. I've gone down from 12st 7oz to 11st dead and I'm 5' 10", that was running three times a week and strength training once a week with a trainer.

The training for the Triathlon is a lot more than that, how much do you guys eat and what sort of things, I've looked things up on the internet but a lot of advice requires me spending hours preparing things the night before and I haven't the time

Any tips and advice, what to eat, what to avoid, how many times a day etc.



  • Example of my meals now

    Breakfast - Porridge with semi skimmed milk

    Lunch - Chicken wrap with Salad

    Dinner - Pasta meal/ Curry with rice/ omelette/ Jacket potatoe or something out of the freezer with homemade chips in the oven etc etc

    Grazing on mixed nuts throughout the day. Cup of tea and bit of chocolate in the evening

  • Agreed that porridge is the way forward for breakfast - found nothing else keeps me going until lunchtime!

    I am a bit of a grazer so I have a couple of small rolls with ham/cheese, and cereal bars/biscuits/fruit throughout the day and then a big meal in the early evening.

    Bananas and cereal bars are my lifesavers - always keep a couple with me or in my desk for emergencies! No preparation required - like you, I don't have the time to be making quinoa and beetroot salads or whatever the latest fad is! image


  • You will, I'm sure receive a better formed answer than this Muzza but to lose around 1lb in weight (usually applied to fat) you need to create a deficit of 3,000 kcal in your diet (over a period of time).  On that basis, I would find a way of adding more healthy calories into your diet based on how much you've been losing on %age of lb per day.

    A word of caution, weight maintenance is a funny thing a finding the right balance of kcal and extra fuel type (carb, protein or fat) will be a trial an error process.

    I have a generic food example fact sheet provided by a sports scientist, which details good, moderate and poor choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, along with suggested balance of food types for active individuals.  I'm happy to share if you want to ping over your e-mail address.

  • looks like you already eat if you increase exercise you are either going to have to increase portion sizes or ad some more snacks into the day.........the opposite to most of us...image

  • Cheers for the comments chaps....maybe I do just need to up the portions......Robbie I'll pm you, thanks the plan would be most appreciated. IGIT I despise bananas, which is a shame as everyone raves about them

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