For all of us slower runners out there

I agree. We ain't going to break any records but we are runners.


  • great article image

  • Really good article - thanks for posting!


  • Great article, my new mantra ' I am a runner and I run fast (for me)'

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Thanks for posting the article.

  • Great article - however I would dispute that running clubs are friendly and happy to run at the slowest runner's pace.  Not the experience I had at my local running club, and the main reason I stopped going.

  • Beth has a point - adhoc arrangements to accompany a new runner (which most clubs have) only get you so far. 

    In our club we've had couch-to-5k courses for a while and we're now trying out having, within the weekly club runs, three beginners' groups (brisk, moderate, gentle) with a more experienced club member escorting each. Hopefully this will give people some extra confidence and help them settle in but we'll see how it goes.

    The article is absolutely spot on. You don't have to be a fast runner to be a serious runner (and you don't have to be serious all the time if you are fast either!).

  • My local running club states '5 miles minimum' before joining. It's such a joke. I'm personally trying to stop that by becoming a running coach.

    ive seen people come and go with in a couple sessions just because they weren't 'looked after' 

    talk about letting them down before the fun starts image. If I didn't persevere when I first started (some call me stubborn image) I would of been turned away before the session began.

    some times people just want to 'run' speed isn't a factor, they just want to get out and knock out a few miles image

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    I see the folks from my local running club out on their runs all the time. I try and say hello and smile to as many of them as possible but very rarely get a response.
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    This wasn't meant to be a anti running Club thread! 

    I guess if you are a running club you do need to pay attention to how to get newbies involved. 

  • booktrunk wrote (see)

    This wasn't meant to be a anti running Club thread! 

    See what you've started, Booktrunk?!


    Yiddarmy wrote (see)
    I once read that joggers are just runners with self esteem issues. 

    Love that, Yiddarmy!

  • I was at a time so despondent about my running times, especially when talking with other runners who have only just started and already go faster and further than I can. I started running a year ago and run on my own. I run 5kms, 3 times a week and up to 10kms on Sundays. I've suffered from a few injuries and so consulted a running coach for a one off 'conditioning assessment' to see if there was something I was doing wrong to cause the injuries. It turns out I have 'immobile ankles' (probably from years of no use as I don't wear high heels) the tight ankles are causing all sorts of problems all over the show (including periformis tension, itb strain in the opposite leg, twisted ankles, tight calf muscles, extremely tight fascia and sore knees) and I have been told that my ankles are most likely the cause for all this discomfort and definitely the reason I cannot physically run fast. I'm still running (note:- it's running - I don't jog - I give it my all and am utterly tired out after a workout which I believe is the difference to a jogger) but am now also working on getting more flexibility in my ankles and hopefully means less injury and my pace should get better. It will be a long time. I would like to do my best, but have to listen to my body so have to ignore people when asked about times. I came dead last in a 5km race the other day but was ecstatic. My PB! 31:26. Slow running is definitely not something to smirk at as everyone has to do their own thing and everyone's bodies deal with things differently. There are so many who can't run because they are physically disabled and cannot - people take being able to for granted! I count myself lucky and am very proud of myself for having gone from a 'I can't run' to completing my first 10km. And that's all that counts.
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