Beginners Gear

My training starts on Monday, and I need some gear, Wiggle have recommended this little lot. Intending on doing two Olympic and one middle distance


Pedals and shoes:

Tri suit and wetsuit:


Bit concerned about the wetsuit as I read it might not be thick enough, on the site it states 2-4mm, is that okay?

Any other recommendations other than that little lot or should that do the job?



  • Muzza,

    can't fault the pedals and shoes, they'll do the job for you.

    Triathlon wetsuits are restricted in how thick they can be (this might well be the ITU), so you won't be able to find very thick tri specific suits- avoid surfing or diving ones as you'll not be able to turn your arms over for swimming.

    As regards tri suit, personally, I'd go for a two piece (top and shorts).  Over longer distances bathroom breaks are a bit of a pain in a one piece.

  • Bike ?

    Helmet ?

    I prefer 2 piece over a trisuit at anything over Oly


  • Bought a Planet X RT57 carbon jobbie (got to go up to Rotherham for a 3D fitting) so i'll be using my mountain bike with slick tyres for the interim and I've got an old bike helmet, not sure what make etc.

    Thanks for the advice on the two piece, i'll get one of those instead

  • It's worth checking the bike helmet, relevant BTF rules:

    I've yet to find a helmet that has anything other than a CE mark in it, but the manufacturers web site will normally say which standard it's compliant with. 

  • that's the old rulebook FF - the latest is here (although no change to the helmet standards)

    it would be very unusual to find a bike helmet that doesn't comply with the rules but we do get people who rock up with skateboard or climbing helmets that do not comply so we won't allow them.   

    that Orca wetsuit is designed for warmer water than you may find in the UK and as a training suit for pools (the thinner neoprene gives it away).  you're also going to get less buoyancy so unless you're a good swimmer, I'd avoid it and you'd be better going with a thicker one (5mm is max).

  • And the best wetsuit is the one that fits you!


  • Thanks Fat Buddha, glad I havent bought the Orca, I'm a shite swimmer. I'll try and find a store in Essex that sella wetsuits, maybe buying online isnt such a great idea.
  • Which races are you aiming for this season then?

    Goggles I'd say predator flex

    You need a race belt


    Has anyone mentioned that this is an addictive world?

  • I'm going to do Maldon and Clacton Olympic distance and I'm thinking of doing the Ely Monster Middle distance. Was all set to do the Hever Gauntlet but everyone I've mentioned it to reckons I'd be off my rocker to try it in my first year.

    Next year is/could prove difficult to get lots of training in, thats the reason for trying to get a middle distance in this year
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