Finding an entry form at the last minute

I've just decided to try and get into the FLM, but the couple of sports stores I've been to have run out of entry forms. Do you know where, in London, I can still get a form from?
(I know it is late on, but I've only just decided to run... have only been running for a few months, but am loving it, and want a real challenge).


  • If you've only been running a few months then I would seriously think twice about entering for a marathon. If you feel you can do it then all well and good, but I think I would be looking to do, say a 10k or 1/2 marathon first.

    Anyway, back to your question, I would suggest you log onto who might point you in the right direction. They give a list of retailers who stock the forms, and may also have a contact number should you have difficulty. Its worth a try.

    All the best
  • oooops...

    it should have been

  • You can find the stockists of the mag on this precise page of the london marathon's site - or give them a call on 0207 902 0189. You've only got till the 18th October to apply though!

    My Guide to entering the London Marathon
  • Youre not THE Simon mayo, are you?
  • Thanks for the info Dean and Annie. i ended up calling the hotline and they are now sending out entry forms, I should get one in the next day or two. And don't worry, I'll make sure I do the work if I get in. I've already done a 10k and plan to do a few more and some longer ones before April.


    PS Sorry Benz, not THE Simon Mayo.
  • youre still very welcome anyway
    Good luck with the form
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