910XT - Adding Turn Points on Routes

I have just lost around three hours of my life plotting the same century ride a dozen times, through half a dozen websites in an effort to create a route where I can include a few waypoints to remind me of important turns

The breadcrumb map is not going to cut it without a few prompts here and there.  I have read a few other forums that show the 910xt displaying a predetermined warning before a turn input via, most commonly, biketoaster or ridewithgps.  Annoyingly, neither of the exported tcx files are accepted by Garmin Connect when I try and upload from PC.

Can anyone offer some idiot proof advice please?


  • Yup - any file with associated "cue sheet" info is rejected, even the GPX file with exclusively turn points on it.  Why the hell do Garmin make this so bloody difficult?!

  • BikeRouteToaster allows direct export to the a garmin doesn't it? You could try that?
  • Cheers Stoat - I tried both that and ridewithgps.  Unfortunately Garmin would not allow me to upload the route to the Connect site and in turn my 910.

    The breadcrumb map is completely useless and it amazes me that despite having the functionality to chuck a turn box up on screen (as it does when displaying an interval time) Garmin don't seem to want to integrate that into their routing software and they even go one step further from prohibiting third party sites from assisting.

    Grumble over.

  • I'm not sure I understand exactly what you want but can't you just create a course in Garmin connect and upload that to your watch? Plan Courses Create course

  • I basically want to find a way of getting the screen to pop up with turn notifications - 'cue notes' as a turn is approached.

    From websites I've read, this is something that has been possible (and hugely helpful) but the practice of creating routes on third party websites and transferring tcx files to Connect seems now to be defunct, or so far as I can tell.

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